The PPG Mark VII Indy Pace Car!!!

This is the car the GTC was based on. This picture is from the Cars & Concepts "DESIGN IN MOTION" brochure. It talks about Design & Engineering, Prototypes, Quality Control, Manufacturing, Production Programs, Aftermarket Products, and pictures of special vehicles. After purchasing a Mark VII the president of C&C, David Draper, started with free-time fiddling. He transformed a Mark VII into a PPG pace car for the Ford Motor Company's use on the Indy-car circuit. Draper felt it would be a shame to let that experience go to waste, so he commissioned a roadable version for his personal use. When the second experiment turned out better than expected, Draper soon saw visions of the cat shining over his head. (Car & Driver 9/85)

Points of noticeable interest are:

1.    T-Tops!!!

2.    Aerodynamic integrated side view mirrors

3.    Absence of wheel well moldings

4.    GTC ground effects

5.    Wheels?

6.    Grille looks as if it's part of the nose piece instead of separate

7.    Many vertical pieces in grille

8.    Volvo type headrests (holes in the middle)

9.    No fog lamps!

10.  Integrated front & rear bumpers

11.  Chrome deletion

12.  No window support between front & rear windows on the sides (that's a mouthful)


If I didn't know better I'd think this car was a 2009!

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