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My understanding is that around 50 GTCs were built from 1985 to 1989. There were 3 GTC offerings. Best guess is only 5-10 received the coveted Roush Drive Train upgrade.

1. C&C GTC Stage I ($4,500.00)

Package available only on Lincoln Mark VII LSC. 

Complete monochromatic paint job in either Midnight Black (code 1R) or Arctic White (code 9L).

Lower body side panels, Extended rear valance panels, Front air dam.

GTC badges (Front fenders, dash, and trunk lock cover)

BBS Cast wheels 16" x 8" These were optional and color coded with white or black centers and BBS center cap


2. C&C GTC Stage II (Roush suspension handling package) ($4,200.00)


Total of Stage I & II when purchased together (Dealer price $8,504.00 - Retail price $12,000.00)


All of the above plus Koni low pressure gas externally adjustable shock absorbers.

New front air springs with revised rates.

Front and Rear stabilizer bars.

Rear axle lateral locating link (pan-hard bar).

Semi-metallic brake pads.

Driver's left foot rest.

Lower vehicle ride height (~ 1")

Goodyear 245/50 VR 16 Eagle tires.

Power steering oil cooler.

ID Plaque w/ owner's name (usually dash mounted).


3. C&C GTC Stage II (Roush drive train performance package) ($14,265.00)


All the above plus Drive Train swap and gauge package consisting of the following: 

Build and install 351-4V Windsor engine & Warner T5 manual transmission - $12,745.00

Provide and install 8.8 rear axle with 3:45 ratio - $1,170.00

Provide and install gauge package (tach, oil pressure, water temp) - $350.00



Recommended Factory Options:


Buyers could order any factory option in conjunction with listed mandatory specifications.

High output engine (code 99F) recommended to complete performance of the GTC.


Three other options were available for the 3 versions above. They were:


VII-1  CEC Sound System (Dealer price $1,700.00 - Retail price $2,125.00)

VII-2  Nakamichi Sound System (Dealer price $2,400.00 - Retail price $3000.00)

VII-3  BF Goodrich 245/50 VR 16 Tires (Dealer price $78.00 each - Retail price $97.50 each)

12 month or 12,000 miles warranty from Cars & Concepts and Jack Roush Performance.

I purchased my 1984 Lincoln Mark GTC Roush car in March of 2004 from a gentleman by the name of Marty who lives in Southern California. He got it from the original owner, Richard P. Now Mr. P. actually had 2 GTC conversion cars...#007 & #008. My car is #008. If you're wondering where #007 is, that's unknown...I asked. I do know that #007 also had the GTC package done by C&C and the Jack Roush drive train. Good ole lucky # 007 did not, however,  receive the JBA engine upgrade.

The car has been adult owned all its life. After the car was converted by C&C to a GTC in 1985 it was sent to Jack Roush Performance Engineering where it received a drive train upgrade. The 302 HO was replaced by a 351W-4V engine. The AOD was replaced by a Warner T5 manual tranny (5 speed). A traction lock 8.8" 3.45:1 rear was installed as well as a complete suspension upgrade. Now from what I understand the 351 wasn't that impressive over the 302. Well, Mr. P. didn't think so either so he sent it to J. Bittle American (JBA) where they built it into a 357 cubic inch ground pounder. The list of upgrades is as long as my arm. See below for the engine specs hyperlink. The final tally is 400+ HP without a supercharger or nitrous...just the way I like it, ALL ENGINE!

 Click here for the Engine Specifics


As far as price, A grand total of more than $55,000.00 was spent on this car. And that was back in 1985 to 1987.

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