BHS Class of `54 Photo Album

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Our group photo from the 50th Reunion. The numbers designating who we are tend to be, first row, left to right; second row, right to left; third row left to right and so on. Please advise with corrections/questions.
1. Lavinia LoCicero Giardina, 2. Anne Hazen Bowen, 3. Louise Frizzel Ambrose,   4. Gail Perry Marshall, 5. Barbara Brooks, 6. Betty Doane Bjork, 7. Elaine Garoyan Kasparian, 8. Carolyn Hamilton Hubbell,
9. Flora Silvagni Pennino, 10. Rob Yacubian, 11. Carolyn Fantasia, 12. Brenda McAuliffe DiGioavanni, 13. Jean MacLean Gallagher, 14. Tom McBride, 15. Bea Capraro Busa, 16. Marion Schmitt Elliss,
17. Carolyn Whitford Scott, 18. Rocko Teeven, 19. Joe Mazzei,  20 Ned Bunyon, 21. Sandy Coit Stephen,  22. Janet Miller McKee,  23. Geraldine  Turner Cummings, 24. Marie Spadaro Rooney,
25. Barbara Hird Grant,  26. Carol Geggis O'Brien, 27. Nicole Huss Gastone, 28. Ron LeBlanc, 29. Kathleen Hennesey Stoll, 30. Eleanor Courier Chenevert, 31. Sarah Strangman Mickunas, 32. Marjorie Whiting Ahlen
33. Mort O'Connor, 34. Jack Hanrahan, 35. Mark D'Andrea, 36. Bob Picariello,  37. Betsy Jason Phillips, 38. Harry Locke, 39. John Lasker, 40. Clarence DeSarno, 41. Paul Catuna, 42. Bill Burke,  43. Susan Bliss Alden, 44. Ann Freeman Mayo, 45. Mona McLellan Calthorpe, 46. Lee Tirrell, 48. Arlene Haratunian Terrasi  49. Mary Keenan,  50. Judy Games Wilson,  51. Nancy O'Neil Eckstein, 52. Brian Caputo,  53. John Bellantoni,
54. Eric Markus, 55. Fred Merk, 56. Leona Marinacci Poirier, 57. Andrea Kazanjian Pogarian, 58. Marvin Zonis. 59. Bob Kolouch, 60. Lorraine Crosby Chagnon, 61. Maritza Hekimian Brown, 63. Dotty Wynott McBride, 
64. Lorry Kadehjian Stephens, 65. Nancy O'Neill O'Malley, 66. Muriel Sutherland Keller 67. John Cantwell,  68. Al Pennino, 69. Alan Beardsley, 70. Dan Crotty,  73. Emmett Mike Murphy,           74. Steve Wasby, 75. Stan Brown, 76. Don Osborne

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Belmont Junior High School
Class of 1951

From the Winn Brook School 1948-49
Many Thanks to Ward Elliott for the picture, and to Kathleen Hennessey for filling in the blanks

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1st Row: Dottie Wynott, Carolyn Fantasia, Nancy Howe, Claire Smith, Janet Higginbottom, Mrs. Ryder, Linda Jackson, Kit Collins, Margaret Crosby, Kathleen Hennesey, Anne Lundberg.
2nd Row: Robert Quinlan, Caldwell Dow, Phil DiNapoli, Andy Centore, Ward Elliott, Don Knox, James Scarfo, Bobby Guerette,  John Nebiker.
3rd Row: Alber Burgess, Alan Karp, John Shurrocks, Paul Hannigan, Robert Kidder, Preston Crowell, Myron Cronin.

Photos from Janet Miller McKee

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Janet at her loom

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Janet displaying some of her woven artwork

Pictures from Rod McElroy  
SJJ Crew spring 2004 080.JPG (2073652 bytes) We're on our way.JPG (180073 bytes)
Rod  on the Maumee River coaching the St. John’s Jesuit H.S. rowers.The young man on the right is his second son, Neil, who is now the coach of the St. Ursula Academy rowing team. "We're Underway"
Rod spent five and a half years in the Navy and met his wife while on active duty. See a little more information on this in the `05 Chat Room

Pictures From the 50th Reunion

Our thanks to Fred Merk for Sharing these with us

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1. Anne Freeman Mayo (behind), Elaine Garoyan Kasparian, -------------,   Janet Miller McKee, Carolyn Fantasia, Marjorie Whiting Ahlen, Gail Perry Marshall, Betty Doane Bjork, Joe Mazzei (behind), Marion Schmitt Ellis (leading the group), Ned Bunyon, ----------, Andrea Kazanjian Pogarian,  Betsy Jason Phillips, Nicole Huss Gastone, -----------,  Barbara Brooks, Williams--------, Carolyn Hamilton Hubbell.
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2.            Elaine Garoyan Kasparian, Laura Bradford Merk, Eric Markus, Libia Markus
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3.                                      Libia Markus, Eric Markus, Bill Burke
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4. Seated: Nancy O'Neil Eckstein,    Elaine Garoyan Kasparian,    Bob Watson,     Susan Bliss Alden,  Sandy Coit Stephen
      Standing: Laura Bradford Merk, Barbara Hird Grant, Nicole Huss Gastone, Kathy Hennesey Stoll, Peter Alden, Marion
      Shmitt Ellis,    Lorry Kadehjian Stephens.
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5. Betty Doane Bjork, Louise Frizzel Ambrose, Betsy Jason Phillips, Elayne Garoyan Kasparian, Stanley Brown,
     Ron  LeBlanc, Marion Schmitt Ellis

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6.                                               Fred Merk     and  Eric Markus
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7.         Eric Markus,  Libia Markus, Laura Bradford Merk, Fred Merk, Susan Bliss Alden
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8.                   Eric Markus;  Anne Hazen Bowen;  Kathy Hennesey Stoll,  Fred Merk
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9.         Tony Busa,  Bea Capraro Busa,    Andrea Kazanjian PogarianArlene Haratunian Terrasi
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10.                      Judy Games Wilson,    Kerry Wilson,        Mary Keenan

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11.         John Cantwell,                     Nancy Beardsley                Alan Beardsley,     Laura Bradford Merk