July 4, 2016

2015 - Greetings - 2016

From John O'Toole

Hi Joe,
I want add my name to the list of those sending Holiday greetings.

You started with a message from Rod McElroy. I spent a lot of time, as a kid, hanging out in his neighborhood.and have fond memories of those times. Hi Rod! And to Lee Tirrelll and Steve Wasby, Benson's Animal Farm was one of my favorite places to visit.

Happy New Year to all !!!

From Joe Velardi

Hello to all classmates of "54." It was nice to read your greetings. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Hope to see you in the fall.

From Kathleen (Hennessy) Stoll

I have done the it--all the kids and families at one time, and while they are very young that works, if you have the accommodations as we did at that time.

But teen-agers? that is a whole another story. You are lucky to see them at all, let alone have a meaningful conversation with them...

From Steve Wasby

As to Paul’s being pleased that the visits of his grandchildren will be “staggered” I would think that spreading out the visits will leave PAUL the one who is “staggered”, requiring a separate set of holidays to recover.

And we should ask Lee Tirrell if they rounded up all the animals from Benson’s Wild Animal Farm (a “blast from the past”) before he took up residence across the road. If there are coyotes on Cape Cod (they did walk across the bridge or swim the canal?), I hate to think what may be lurking in them thar New Hampshuh woods.

And yes, posting the “Interview with God” was quite appropriate.

From Rob Yacubian

Christmas time is a time for gratitude for the good already received. I'm grateful for so much. Love to all

From Janet (Miller) McKee

I hasten to add my Best Wishes for a Festive Christmas and a Noteworthy New Year - to all my BHS friends

From Mona (McLellan) Calthorpe
December 21
Merry Christmas to y'all & a very happy healthy New Year

From Maryjayne and Bob Kolouch

A very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

From Kathleen (Hennessy) Stoll

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We hope you are well and happy, and visiting with family and friends over the holiday season... (Kathleen's Christmas newsletter is attached to the email sent from me on 12/21/15. - JM)

From John Keane

Happy 62nd Holiday Season ..........since our graduation of 1954...everyone be peaceful !

From Nicole (Huss) Gastone

To all of you a very happy Christmas and the wish and hope that we will have a peaceful 2016, stay in good health and will be able to meet again in October.

From Lee Tirrell

Lee and Lynn Tirrell send best wishes for a blessed Christmas and a new year of good health and happiness. We will be celebrating with kids and grandkids in our new home in Hudson, N.H. across the road from the old Benson’s Wild Animal Farm. Remember that from your childhood?

From Harley Anderson

Merry Christmas to all my friends and their families of the Class of BHS 1954. God has been gracious to me and mine and pray that 2016 will be even better for all of you. Each year as we get a little more MATURE we tend to need to rely on a little more help.

From John Baia

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with much good Health and Happiness. Looking forward to seeing everyone for the 2016 reunion.

From Paul Lucy

...please extend my best wishes to all our BHS friends for a happy and peaceful holiday season and New Year. Marion and I will welcome all seven grandchildren (ages 4 to 12) between Christmas and New Years; fortunately on a staggered basis. 

(Paul sent in words and pictures well worth sharing. See below - JM)

From Gerry (Turner) Cummings

I want to wish all my classmates a Merry Christmas and a Very Happpy New Year 2016,

From Fred Merk

Hello Joe and Nancy,
At this Holiday Season of sending Greeting Cards and Messages....I want to send this video from U-tube to you both.
Hope you enjoy it.
It was sent to me by our classmate Sergei Snegireff.

(Fred was asking if I thought this link would be appropriate to share. I believe it is. Wherever we may stand as to God's existence, the video has scenes and words upon which we might want to dwell... - JM): 

From Joe Mazzei

Merry Christmas to all of you. As Rod said, "All the best for 2016".

From Rod McElroy

Back at you, Joe. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016! By all means forward the wishes to the classmates. Cheers, Rod




Class of `54