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From Paul Lucy
December 23, 2015

Joe, thanks for sharing the Wikipedia reference to what was formerly called the Pease Air Force Base. A complete reading notes that the base was named in honor of Captain Harl Pease Jr. who posthumously was awarded The  Medal Of Honor for his heroism during World War II. I can add a few more details for the history buffs among our classmates. Harl Pease was born and brought up in Plymouth, NH. He joined the Army Air Force early in the war and became a pilot of a B17 Flying Fortress Bomber; assigned to the Pacific Theater. He and his crew were lost in action during some exceptional heroics in which he kept a badly damaged plane in the air long enough to complete a successful bombing run and to shoot down seven enemy aircraft.

Kathleen (Hennesy) Stoll
December 22, 2015
I have done the it--all the kids and families at one time, and while they are very young that works, if you have the accommodations as we did at that time.

But teen-agers? that is a whole another story. You are lucky to see them at all, let alone have a meaningful conversation with them. 

It began a long time ago--when my kids were in college, they brought home some friends--when we walked into the room, they stopped talking. 

Later, our two oldest kids were talking science--and we said, we don't understand what you are talking about--is that why you went into science? And they said yes! to this day only one of our kids in in law or social service related stuff. We say she is the only one who dared to go into our fields and meet our friends!  Fortunately, they have all thrived.

From Steve Wasby
December 22, 2015
As to Paul’s being pleased that the visits of his grandchildren will be “staggered.” I would think that spreading out the visits will leave PAUL the one who is “staggered,” requiring a separate set of holidays to recover.

And we should ask Lee Tirrell if they rounded up all the animals from Benson’s Wild Animal Farm (a “blast from the past”) before he took up residence across the road.  If there are coyotes on Cape Cod (they did

walk across the bridge or swim the canal?), I hate to think what may be lurking in them thar New Hampshuh woods.

And yes, posting the “Interview with God” was quite appropriate.

From Paul Lucy
December 22, 2015

Joe, thanks for sharing the pictures of the troops at Pease Airport. FYI... I am not in the fourth picture; I am the gray haired guy who took the pictures.
Happy Holidays. 

From Paul Lucy
December 21, 2015
Hi, Joe. This past Saturday, our local citizens (named Pease Greeters after the local airport) welcomed our 912th flight, since 2005, of troops passing through on their way to or back from an overseas deployment. The troops are greeted, fed, given access to telephones and honored with a brief ceremony; regardless of the time of day or night.
At this time of year, it is good to remember that the 1% is still on the job serving us all.
On a personal note, please extend my best wishes to all our BHS friends for a happy and peaceful holiday season and New Year. Marion and I will welcome all seven grandchildren (ages 4 to 12) between Christmas and New Years; fortunately on a staggered basis. Keep well and keep up the good work.  Semper Fi, 

From Joe Mazzei
April 9, 2016
The art renderings which were lost between 2013 to 2015 will be presented in the frames below. The titles for each will be inserted once they also are found.

Autumn Ballerina - John Keane

Some Old Favorites - Acrylic, John Keane