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Welcome to our Chat Page. If you'd like to extend greetings to classmates "on line", or give us some news about yourself, here's the place to do it. Just send an email to  to get your message posted. Listed below are items shared up to now.

From Nancy Kriebel
March 8, 2012
Hi Joe,
I saw the article about Kendall School burning down in the Belmont Citizen, but don't remember the date. Sometime in the 90s?

At one point, the building became an art center, the rooms becoming art studios. Apparently an artist left a hot plate on over night with a pan of wax which must have boiled over or became too hot and burned the place down. All those oiled wooden floors must have gone up pretty fast. I was so sorry to see it go, it seems like a landmark of my past life just disappeared.

The Citizen must have a record of this.
Click here for the only report I could find using a Google search. JM)

From Carolyn Whitford Scott
March 8, 2012
I have enjoyed visiting The Woodlands on the internet. That is where the Romneys' luxury town house is located. Google The Woodlands Belmont MA. Beautiful!!!!! (Click Here for a look. Kind of strange. Waverly is picking up prestige, as Belmont Hill expands. :-) JM)

From Rod McElroy
March 8, 2012
Well, how ‘bout that? I did not know that Belmont is Mitt Romney’s hometown. I did read the article about Belmont and Fishtown. Quite a bit different town from the one we lived in, eh? It was a good read.

From John Keane
March 8, 2012
Thanks Joe for forwarding Carolyn’s interesting submission, and thanks to her as well.

So many hours I spent right on Romney’s spot at Town Field playing baseball, or tackle football using those old shoulder pads I bought off you one day. Nobody had helmets then! Good days they were.

Regards to all,

From Carolyn Whitford Scott
March 7, 2012
It was fun seeing the news yesterday and watching the Romneys vote in Belmont at the Beech Street Senior Center.

Mary Ann Scali quoted as Warden 3 Precinct worker, "It was very exciting"
There is quite a bit on the Citizen site. Click here
Interesting their 171 Marsh Street home sold for 3.5 million.

- Mary Ann is my cousin and the warden at Precinct 3. My sister also works at Precinct 3. But she couldn't be there for the excitement; she is in rehab after hip joint replacement surgery last week.
The Beech St. Senior Center was built on the grounds where the Kendall School once stood. The Kendall burned down many years ago. As I understand it, part of the school was used for the arts. I heard that one night a pottery kiln was left on; and some how started a fire that spread through the entire building. JM)

From Rob Yacubian to Sylvia Elso
February 21, 2011
I have many fond memories of you in the classes we shared Sylvia .

From Ward Elliott
January 25, 2012
Charles Murray has written a book on the US income divide, excerpted in the Wall Street Journal a couple of days ago (attached). WSJ JANUARY 21, 2012 C1, 1

He divides the country between “Belmont,” comfortable, affluent, well-educated upper-middle, and “Fishtown,” a white, working-class neighborhood in Philadelphia. Seems to me we had plenty of both kinds of demography in our day, but maybe it has grown more gentrified since, median home pushing $600,000 in 2009, median income pushing $97,000. I see that the black and Hispanic populations, both close to zero in our day, are up to half of one percent and 3.6%. Time moves on, but at less than a gallop in that part of the world.

From Carolyn Whitford Scott
January 25, 2012
When I was a little girl, my sister worked for Richard's father, at his business on Trapelo Road, while she was in high school. So when it turned out that Richard and I were in the same class, it was of special interest to my family. I always found Richard to be a gentle, kind man. I am sure he will be missed by all his family and all our classmates as well.

From John Keane
January 24, 2012
Hi Joe,
You may have heard from others that Richard died on January 20 th . There is a visitation on January 25th, at the Brown and Hickey Funeral Home at 36 Trapelo Rd, from 2:00-3:00, followed by a service at 3:00.

Richard was always a pleasant person . I would occasionally walk home from school with him to Waverley. His father had a gas station on Trapelo Rd between Pequasset field and the Strand theatre / Beech St.

(Dick's obituary, and a guest book may be found at: )

From Rod McElroy
January 9, 2012
Joe, good luck with the cadillac - ‘scuse me, cataract – surgery. Gail had both eyes done – restoring her vision to 20-20 in both of them. Except for the eyedrops daily – not a huge chore – it has been a really good move. Cheers,

From Nicole Huss Gastone
January 9, 2012
Hello Joe, It is good to hear from you again. All my best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you and to Nancy.

I will keep my fingers crossed for your surgery, but it is supposed to be so easy nowadays. I had mine on both eyes at age 50, had to be hospitalized for 4 days and wear an eyepatch nights for weeks, but it changed my life. It is fabulous to see clearly again.

Thanks for all the trouble you are going to for our sake.

From Kathleen Hennessey Stoll
January 9, 2012

I resonate with your stories about the computer. But I was reminded today, about how I got started. I was in business school and we were supposed to learn Fortran progamming, which was really very specific algebraic formulas.

But a space or any typograhic error led to the message, it was a "fatal error"--acuatually I would get messages citing 20 items or more as "fatal errors! " I arrived at a meeting one night after two hours of frustration, and my friend took one look at my face and asked what was the matter. I told him about my frustration, and he said, "remember a computer is just a dumb husband. Iit does only what you tell it to do! "My husband was present and not a dumb husband, but that comment freed me--and so when I got frustrated, I walked away, and then came back, instead of prolongating my mistakes. You have done a great job, with great patience--we are all so grateful to you. Without you there would be not class website or communication. God bless you for your diligence and commitment. Stick with it! You are our glue. Kathleen.


Happy New Year