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Welcome to our Chat Page. If you'd like to extend greetings to classmates "on line", or give us some news about yourself, here's the place to do it. Just send an email to  to get your message posted. Listed below are items shared up to now.
From Janet Miller McKee
December 30, 2010
Best wishes Joe and Nancy and all our classmates for a peaceful 2011.  All well here in Seattle, only rain so far, apart from the paralyzing snow over Thanksgiving.
From Eric Marckus
December 22, 2010
Libia and I want to wish both you and Nancy, all your family, and our classmates a
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
It has been unusually cold here in Ocala these past weeks so one can really say "It's beginning to feel like Christmas".
A very special thanks for your work in "keeping" us all together.   All the best.
From Paul Formalarie
December 20, 2010
Hi Joe, I wish the class of 54 a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.  
From Harley Anderson
December 20, 2010
... On another note there was an article in the Sunday Boston Globe with pictures and comments of Joe Velardi, who was in our class.  He was a really good baseball player along with being a nice friend. (The link below will bring you to the article Harley mentioned. Geez Joe!!! Your looking real good. Maybe you were in the class of `74 :-) :-) )
From Alan and Zena Carp
December 20, 2010
My wife and I spend the winters in "warm" Palm Beach Gardens, Florida !! (Not so warm). Thanks Joe for your email efforts re our Class of `54. Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year to all.
From Kathleen Hennessey Stoll
December 19, 2010

Don't know the coordinates for your time and place, but in Cleveland it is 2:42 AM December 21st.
From Bob & Maryjayne Kolouch
December 16, 2010
Joe,   Bob and I remember well singing for President Eisenhower when in Glee Club.  Such fond memories.   Wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy Holiday season
From Nancy O'Neil Eckstein
December 15, 2010
Wonder how many of us from "Glee" remember singing "Good Evening, Mr. President" to then President Eisenhower?  In the Boston Garden.  $100.00 a plate!!! 
Wishing this special season will bring more precious memories to all of you... my high school classmates.
From Ellie Noone O'Connell
December 14, 2010
From Harley Anderson
December 14, 2010
Merry Christmas and Holiday Greetings to all my BHS friends and a wish for a happy and healthy new year.  Keep the spirit of these holidays all year long so your mind remains active and you stay young at heart. 
From Nicole Huss Gastone
December 14, 2010

All my best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year to Nancy and you and to all our classmates.
I am just back from three glorious weeks in Laos and Cambodia with temperatures around 35°Celsius and now have to adapt to freezing Paris.
From Rod McElroy
December 14, 2010
Merry Christmas, classmates. And best wishes for a happy and healthy 2011.
Just got back from Quantico, VA , where i watched one of my former rowers get commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. If any of you are near the "logic free zone" and want to travel about 40 minutes south on I-95, I encourage you to visit the Marine Corps Museum at Exit 150. It is spectacular and well worth a visit.
From Tony Previte
December 14, 2010

Thanks Joe and Nancy  and  Merry Christmas to you and all class mates of l954. Leaving Dec 29 for Hillsboro Beach, Fl
From Barbara Hird Grant
December 14, 2010

Holiday Greetings to all my classmates. Peace and good health...
From Steve Wasby
December 14, 2010
This year had more travel and less R&R than I might have preferred, but I did get to the Pacific Northwest, southern California, Indiana (including tours of two fascinating abbeys),  and Pennsylvania, plus Chicago and Washington, D.C. for poli sci meetings. My annual trip to the Northwest was in October and included Spokane and Boise (to chase trains on the high desert and Snake River Valley – gorgeous country) as well as Eugene and the Oregon coast at Newport. Scranton, Pennsylvania, was the site of the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) annual convention, with many rail excursions, and at a NRHS board conference at Lancaster, we rode doodlebugs (self-propelled rail cars, like big streetcars) through Amish country. I remain Director of NRHS’s Railway Heritage Grants Program, which makes small awards for people rehabilitating depots, freight cars, passenger cars, locomotives, and cabeese (the plural). In Eastham, I became chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals and was promptly sued. But fear not:I was sued in my official capacity and the Town defends. And, for the first time in my 73 years, I served on a jury – a drunk-driving case that lasted all day, with an "expert" witness on breathlyzers. I also continue my research and writing, using the papers of a West Coast federal judge. (E-mail:
From John Keane
December 13, 2010
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year to you ,your family,  and  all my former classmates.
From Gerry Turner Cummmings
December 13, 2010

I want to wish you and Nancy, and all my class and very Merry Christmas and a Happy & wonderful New Year.
From Stu Downer
December 13, 2010
Hi Joe, Seasons greetings to you and yours also. Yes, as a 25yr pats season ticket holder, I am revelling in this season. I  extend to all of 1954 alum a wonderful and safe holiday season.
From Gerry Turner Cummiings
November 25, 2010
(For those of you who may have been wondering), Just want to let you know that Belmont beat Watertown 28 to 13 on 
Thanksgiving day (Hope you all had a good day - JM)
From Joe Mazzei
November 15, 2010

Good day to y'all (all of you). Thanksgiving is coming soon.

Following this link: gave me something to think about. I'm thankful for over 55 years of each of you. I haven't seen all of your seasons. But, I've seen enough to realize what treasures you are. Thanks and Peace... - especially to my bride as we approach our 50th year together.

From Harley Anderson
November 11, 2010

It is a small world.   Nancy's (Kriebel) nephew, Carl,  is married to my niece, Jane. Lets all celebrate love and family
From Gerry Turner Cummings
November 10. 2010

I just love your email and am able to  keep in touch with my classmates because of you.   I am busy making my Christmas presents. And I just finished knitting hats for our service men and women, and sent them of to California  to be shipped overseas for Christmas .

(Gerry, Thanks for your thoughts, and helping those in our U.S. Military . JM)
From Marjorie Whitng Ahlin
November 10, 2010

Don't use the computer much but was delighted to read the latest today and had to respond. I remember so well Nancy's house on Snake Hill and that extraordinary Swing!! We had great times together with Anne Hazen. The three of us walked to Kendall every day. Anne visited me here in Machias a while back. Wonderful to see her and we just kind of picked up where we left off years ago. Such a treat to be with her again.  I get to see Marion when they visit their cabin close by Machias in Trescott. Look forward to those visits. Yucky,- are you off to Puerto Rico this winter?? We are going but we are desperately trying to sell our condo as the trip down is hard for John ( he will be 90 in April!- hard to believe) It is on the beach in Arroyo. If any of you are looking for a place on the Caribbean do contact me.  Enjoy so much reading about you all. Cheers to the Mazzeis for doing this!! 

(Thanks Marjorie - it's our pleasure. JM)

From Janet Miler McKee
November 9, 2010

Hello Joe - here I am in Seattle and my old computer is somewhere on a ship in the Caribbean, hopefully heading toward the Panama Canal...

I am slowly making contact with old, and new, friends here.  As you know, I went to Middlebury.  A friend from there, Luci Frontini Boyle, made contact with me in Dublin years ago when our first born was only a few months old in 1969.  Luci was visiting an Irish friend she had made while living in Canada.  Anyhow, she came to Dublin to meet up with her Irish friend, looked me up, and introduced me to her Irish friend.   All 3 of us have remained friends ever since.  Luci has been here in Seattle since 1980 and our mutual Irish friend is still in Ireland but her eldest son lives here.   Said eldest son and our eldest son played together as toddlers.  The further coincidence that I started out to tell you about is that Luci taught 7th and 8th grade for a while in Belmont Junior High.  I guess that would have been in the 1960's.   Oh, and another coincidence - Luci's son and our eldest work for the same company (Amazon) here in Seattle.

Best wishes 
From Rob Yacubian
October 13, 2010
So good to hear from Nancy Kriebel whom I remember so well from Kendall School along with Marge Whiting who lived close by her.  Nancy, I remember that wonderful swing that swooped out from your house on Snake Hill Rd.  Also, was it your house, too, that had a tree growing throughout the house?  It was a very contemporary house and I remember that Snake Hill Rd. was heated underground by pipes, or whatever, that melted the winter's snow.  Quite a thing in the 1940's. Also, later in life your son came to Greenfield Community College where I was Coordinator of Transfer for 27 years---and this brought us together again.  When was that?

Nancy, my niece is a doctor (married to a doctor) in Albuquerque where I have spent several Christmases.  A nice change but I am a New Englander at heart and love our four seasons (except winter) and the seashore.  I miss the green when I visit NM.   Everything is brown there. 

I hope all is well with you, Nancy, and Marge Whiting Ahlin, too.
From Nancy Kriebel
October 5, 2010

Hi Joe, Nancy, Marion and all,

Marion, yes my ears were burning!  I Just got your e-mail and the latest chat from Joe. (I have been following the chats and enjoying  everyones' news).  Joe, thank you for finding the web site and my art.  That site is The Museum of New Mexicos' venue for showing off  NM artists. My most recent work is of the amazing red rock country and cliffs up around Abiquiu and Ghost  Ranch.  I'll include an image with this e-mail. (shown below)

     wpe4.jpg (7665 bytes)

I don't have my own web site yet. Will let you know when I do. Yes, the summer monsoon clouds here are unbelievably enormous and puffy with cobalt blue skies. Much more dramatic than in the winter.  Marion's visit here was a hoot!  We had a wonderful time, it was fun showing her around even though we had too much rain that week which dampened our Taos trip. Next time we could see some prehistoric Indian ruins, current Pueblos, and dances; there is so much to see.
Right now we're having the big Balloon Fesitival, 500 or so balloons! What a sight.

Joe, I had no idea I said that in the yearbook. And I can't look it up because that box was lost in one of my many moves. My artist years got postponed until I was in my 40's and then finally received my MFA from the Univ Arizona, Tucson at age 60!  That was tough! I had to learn how to write papers, read and take tests all over again.

I think I'll write a "short" bio of my wandering life, but later!

Regards to everyone.

From Harley Anderson
October 3, 2010
Last night I attended a 50th anniversary party for Joe and Joan Giordano.  He was in the class of '55 and she was in the class of '66. We had a nice time and was able to chat with Bobby Scarfo and Joe  Lombardo  (class 1954).  They looked great.
From Barbara Hird Grant
October 1, 2010

We certaiinly  have a lot of grandkids among our classmates.

Just to let Paul Lucy know, I remember his brother-in-law well when he was President at Oakley CC. I worked there for about 25 years as a waitress   
From Marion Schmitt Ellis
September 6, 2010
Hi Joe -- I've had some wonderful BHS moments this summer:
--Had a nice barbecue lunch with Carolyn (Whitford) and Jack Scott in Alfred, ME; hard to believe that Carolyn and I go back almost 70 years -- she was my first friend when we moved to Belmont in 1941.
--Made a special trip up to Machias ME to see Marge (Whiting) Ahlin's production for the Blueberry Festival there, "Rake-alot", a fabulous musical written, directed, and everything else by Marge (she even was helping people find seats in the sold-out house!)   The talent she brought together in this outpost of civilization on the Maine coast and her terrific writing were astounding.  A week later when we were at our cabin not far from Machias and she and John came for lunch, we were amused to hear the back story of many of the numbers.  (By the way, we were up there for "hurricane" Earl -- luckily it was not dangerous by the time it came our way, but the surf was fantastic!)
-- In July I reconnected with Nancy Kriebel in Santa Fe -- we figure it's 56 years since we saw each other, but connecting was a ball.  My husband, David, had meetings there and so I came along.  Nancy generously took us on a trip to Taos, and then while he was at meetings she and I did museums, and I visited her studio-home.  She is a very talented plein air painter, well-known in the area.  Anyone who might be lucky enough to go there should be sure to say hello!

I was doing research for a course I'm teaching and came across a reference to a book by a Frederick Merk; I emailed Fred about it and sure enough, it was by his father, whom I had not realized was a well-known professor at Harvard.  We discovered last year that Fred trained under a student of my father -- so the "small world" feeling goes on -----

David's gig as interim director of the Boston Children's Museum was over in August (what was going to be three months ended up 15 months!)  So in October we will go on an Elderhostel trip to Turkey, followed by a visit to our daughter in Bologna, Italy -- three of our seven grandchildren are also there.

Enough for now!  Cheers to all!
From Janet Miller McKee
September 1, 2010

Hello Joe - Ian and I are getting settled here in Seattle so you can add me to your list of Westerners.  I'll send a note to Carol - she and Margo and Midge and I played a lot of tennis together at the courts near the Junior High.

Am following the path of Hurricane Earl.  There was a big picture of it today on the front page of the Seattle Times.
From Margo Johnson hughes
August 30, 2010
Carol Simpson Sherman had to move in with her son, (Rob),  last spring  and I am sure would appreciate
some correspondence from our classmates.  She has a Palsy disease which makes it difficult for her to walk and talk.

Carol has no interest in computers. I tried to get her to use one when she was here in Florida last winter, but no avail. Although it would be priceless for her to communicate via email.  I'll keep trying; but it doen't look very promiising.

It will be great if her classmates could send her cards or notes; and - perhaps - encourage her to give the Internet a try.

Her address is: 
5672 Sandtrap Lane
Allentown, PA 10610
C/O Rob Sherman
Rob's email:

Still in the 90's here in FL. But we had some much needed rain last week.  Going out to play golf today.  I haven't played for a while because of the heat!

From Marian Midkiff Crafts
August 27, 2010
Joe,  I hope you are completely well and enjoying your new grandchild.

I've been especially  interested in reading about our classmates  since, after my freshman year in college,my family moved to the opposite coast  and I lost contact with most of you.  I've been hesitant to write anything about myself not knowing   what is of interest to you "Easterners".   For instance, my dad celebrated his 100th .birthday this past July 1st.   He lived in Belmont for 15 years and took  the train to work in Boston from Belmont Center for every one of those years.   He now lives in Arizona by himself.  He bowls twice a week and bowled a 243 two weeks ago.  Oh yes, he drives himself and just had his license renewed.

I see that many of you are interested in grandchildren.  Well, what's more fun than spoiling grandchildren?  We have six and I adore and am PROUD of each and every one.   Somewhere I learned that to be  proud was bad or wrong or both, like haughty.      I'm still proud of them.  Our oldest  grandson is a sophomore in college and just returned  from New Zealand where he spent a month   with the Maori.

Our 11 year old grandson was just on a Chicago sports talk show talking about soccer.And I am proud of them all.

(Marian, we Easterners love hearing from the Westerners. There is you in WA state, and three more of us in CA. The Internet keeps us all very close these days. Congratulations to your dad on reaching 100, and being as active as he is. I'm doing well. The future involves annual CT scans to make sure the "blowout patch" is doing its job, and the aorta doesn't develop any other "stuff". JM)
From Nicole Huss Gastone
August 25, 2010

Thank you for your news as usual.  It is always great to hear from all of you.

No grandchildren for me.  My kids have not produced any, but it is good to have both of them working in Paris and to see them regularly.

I shall be in New York and  Fire Island on Friday and will be in the States for two weeks when I hope to see the latest exhibitions at the Met.

Later this year I will be going to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and am very much looking forward to this trip.  I just hope to be able to keep on travelling.

Take care and my best to Nancy.
(Good to hear from you Nicole. Even though - from Europe - you travel West to get to the Americas, and East to get to the Orient, it's still many miles to cover. Bon Voyage on all your destinations.  JM)
From Harley Anderson
August 23, 2010
God has blessed us with nine (9) wonderful grandchildren including two sets of twins.  Two of them are just starting college this month.  My three children and theirs were all able to be together at a nephew's wedding in Williamsburg, VA this summer. *  Fortunately they all live within an hour of us.  Enjoy those little ones because the grow much too quickly.
Williamsberg  Gr Children 2 001.jpg (948719 bytes)
(Harley and Carole - What beautiful grand children!!! God has blessed you indeed.   JM)
From Jack Putnam
August 10, 2010

Joe, I'm really enjoying catching up with BHS54 through your good work; I find that as time passes, I'm more and more interested in what's happening to you all.   Keep up the good work!
Just back from a month-long working-vacation voyage to the UK and back, visiting other maritime museums and sharing horror stories.  South Street has been very generous in letting me take so much time, but I learn things that are useful to us here in New York.  I'm still working, now as Museum Historian, with no plans to quit.
Three kids and four grandkids scattered from Connecticut to Maine while I remain anchored in NY.  Still think of myself as a New Englander working his way back home,  though I've been passing through NYC since '71.
All best to all hands!  (Aye Aye, Jack. JM)
From Paul Lucy
August 9, 2010

Joe, I always enjoy your updates. Keep them coming.  It seems grand kids are the popular subjects among our classmates. We're now at 4; with more on the way: Emma and Kate Lucy [6 and 3] in Upton, MA; Jack Lucy [2yrs.] in Wash.,DC; and Huck Shaughnessy [ 7 mos.] in Hingham, MA. Huck has his own Face Book [his Dad works for Yahoo; go figure]. Jack in DC is waiting the arrival of his identical twin brothers in about a month. Marion and I were in DC a few weeks ago helping the family move into a larger house.

On another subject, I was pleased to see that Oakley CC is still in business. My sister, Dot Haley was a member. Dot lived on Belmont Hill for about 50 years until her death 3 years ago. Her husband,Bill Haley, was president of the club at one point; and, I believe, club champion.  
All best wishes
From Janet Miller McKee
August 8, 2010
Hello Joe - all you have to stay about your family visit last week - I felt as if you were writing that for me.  I've been here in Seattle since mid-July, after a whirlwind visit on the East Coast.  Family reunion in Maine with 44 people in attendance ranging in age from sisters in their 80's down to the one year old generation.   A nice visit in Glastonbury Connecticut with son David and his family, then on to our home here in Seattle.

Grandchild no. 9 Sean Ian was born a week ago.  Warmly welcomed by his 3 older siblings.  Pictures are on my blog    

My husband Ian is still in Dublin awaiting the permanent resident visa - we are hopeful it will come any day now.  Then I will go back to Dublin for the final packing up.   This visa business has certainly been a long drawn out process.

Janet Miller McKee

p.s. I almost forgot to tell you that grandchild no. 8 Ysolda Grace Dorothy McKee arrived at the end of May in Hong Kong - I was there to welcome her - a great trip.
From Barbara Hird Grant
July 29, 2010

I took a train ride to Belmont  July 27 and had a lovely lunch with Brenda DiGiovanni and Jean Gallagher. Jean and I were pre-kindergarten friends when I lived on Grove St. and she on Unity Ave. Jean came up from the Cape and I down from Leominster. Brenda was kind enough to take us to Oakley CC for lunch where we reminisced about years gone by.

Jean and I recollected when we both had worked for MDs in Belmont. And Brenda and I recalled seeing each other when she brought her mother to the office where I worked. Brenda and I also worked on the 20 th class reunion.
From Anne Freeman Mayo
July 26, 2010

Your mention of a grand family gathering made me want to write you to say that we, too, are heading for the shore with the whole family plus some extras for a week in August. Officially we are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, but really it is just for fun because it is so rare to have everyone in the same place for a few days. We are going to Humarock, Mass., near where my family used to have a summer home. I think Joanne Jensen went to nearby Rexhame Beach some summers - at least we did meet up there once. (Rexhame has sand; Humarock has rocks.)

Our grandchildren, who range in age from 5 to 17, have quickly found what fun it is to swim in the surf, dig in the sand, walk down to the corner for ice cream, find other teen-agers, watch the sun rise over the ocean and set over the North River, and just hang out together. Our own children, now all in their 40's, oversee sand-castle contests, stone collecting, going to the Marshfield Fair, cooking, sitting on the beach, doing a little kayaking, and flying kites, and they also do their share of hanging out. The week seems too short.

Hope your family week is grand, and that it isn't too hot.

Best from me, and hello to Joanne if she sees this!
From Rod McElroy
July 26, 2010

“Payback” sounds a little harsh.  And I understand it.   Getting all the cousins together has got to be a hoot.  My older brother and I had that opportunity about a year before my dad died; younger brother was not married at the time and was in attendance, too.  Interestingly the get together was in Eastham, MA, where Steve Wasby is located now.  Small world, eh?

So far the grandson, as his dad reports, is a
“very simple person: when he is wet or hungry, he gets fidgety, maybe cries a little, but otherwise he is quite content.”  Grandma let the parents know that they have a “very good baby” – obviously one who is not taking after his grandfather at a similar age nor his dad who was not the least bit interested in going to bed when bed time rolled around.  If the truth be known, it was only when he had a son that he began to value getting to bed at a reasonable hour!

Younger son, Neil, got married three weeks ago.  So it has been an exciting summer. Once again the McElroy clan was attired in kilts and Bonnie Prince Charles jackets.   The formal wedding pictures are not available for five weeks! Gadzooks! Take care of that grand child, Joe.  Cheers, Rod
From Steve Wasby
July 23, 2010

I'm now Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Eastham (Mass.)  I've served on the board for two years (the first year was as an Alternate). My predecessor as chair was term-limited off the board, so "here I am." Had an "interesting" first meeting, with four cases, none simple; I survived; I think the petitioners were not "annoyed," although we would not let one proceed because materials were turned in late (so abutters didn't get a chance to see them, nor did the Board).

This is an interesting part of my "alleged" retirement.

One of the things I did before retirement was to teach administrative law in MPA (Master's in Public Administration) programs.  Zoning appeals are "administrative law meets the road."

I think Charlie Meyers would be pleased.
From Barbara Hird Grant
July 23, 2010
Barbara mailed me the picture to the right. It was taken by her brother Ken, (not sure when). The picture is probably 60 years old. It's cropped so we see more of the classmates, and less background.

Barbara thinks they are from left to right: John Payonzeck, Nancy Toye, Nancy Peterson, and Bill Burke.

So, what do you think? Does it appear that she has it right?


Barb Hird - Toye.jpg (158231 bytes)

From our Facebook Page
July 18, 2010
(Sorry folks! Margo's Facebook message came in over 2 months ago. I need to check that site more often.)

Joe Mazzei Hi Everyone, Like Barbara - I also haven't checked into FB for almost 3 months. It looks like we've drifted from one real cold winter to one real hot summer. Margo, I'm very sorry to hear about your son. We'll pray that you and Bill may work through the grief that follows such a sad loss.

Barbara Grant
Have not been on the Facebook page for a while. DEEPEST SYMPATHY to MARGO ON HER LOSSES.

Bill Hughes
Greetings to all my Belmont classmates! I had forgotten I had signed up, so haven't been in touch since! It has been a very difficult year especially with the loss of my son Chip and my lifelong friend Midge on the same day! God works in mysterious ways! Margo

From Mona McClellan Calthorpe
June 9, 2010
Hi Joe, Just to let you know  the latest with the oil spill here in the Gulf.  I am only about 1/2 hr. ride from Bradenton Beach.  Our beaches are fine so far but there are tar balls landing on the beaches in Pensacola which is in the Panhandle of Florida.  We are all praying in this area.

Commercial fishing is closed in an approx. 7,000 square mile radius out in the gulf and the Coast Guard is sending spotter planes out every day.  If we have a hurricane it will be a disaster.  There was an amateur fishing tournament this past weekend in the Bradenton/Sarasota area & things were clear but they only go out about 10 miles.  A lot of people in this area were seriously thinking about voting for offshore drilling in Florida before this happened - not any more!
From Barbara Hird Grant
June 8, 2010
Congratulations to Grand Parents  McElroy and Mazzei,   I have 3 beautiful granddaughters:  Danielle, 17; Melanie, 15; and Sean, 13, children of my oldest, Doug, BHS Class of '76, and Kathleen, 3 daughter of my youngest, Scott. They are the light of my life.

Doug was my Simmons baby, as I carried him through my senior year at college and he was 2 mos when I graduated.

I find it hard to believe that my granddaughter will graduate from Chelmsford High next year.

From Steve to Rod
June 7, 2010

I hope that you suffered no house damage nor personal injury from the storms. I can't remember whether this was a weekend when you were supposed to be away at a regatta. And I hope that the families of your rowers also suffered no damage/injury. How close to you was the line of storms?    Best. 

From Rod to Steve, and the BHS 54-ites
June 7, 2010
Steve, Many thanks for your concern.  Dundee, MI is about 30 miles north, and Lake (Township) High School is about 12 miles east.  We lucked out.  As you may have heard, the high school was destroyed and the dad of the Valedictorian of the senior class was killed when he left the shelter of his basement to light off a generator.  Lake H.S. graduation was supposed to be at 2:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon.  Sveral venues stepped forward to offer another location for the graduation.  I believe that it is to occur this coming Friday and it won't be at the high school.  That is a mess!!!

The outpouring of assistance for the folks in Dundee and in Lake Township has really been just what you would expect of the wonderful citizens of our great country.  As yet - and I am going to show my colors here - the federal government has not - fortunately - come in to "help".  The AmRedCross, and the churches, and the neighbors are doing what those three entities have done for years. 

On a cheerful note, I have attached a photo of the first grand child who is five weeks old today!  Cheers, Rod
(OK _ What the heck! Why not show 2 five week olders - similar poses, eh?  - JM)

PKM-TheThinker.jpg (367571 bytes)

Contentment.jpg (342074 bytes)

McElroy Grandson #1 (5 Weeks)

Mazzei Granddaughter #3 (5 weeks)

From Ellie Noone O'Connell
May 13, 2010
Congratulations.  A wonderful feeling, isn't it?  We also had a new Grandchild on the 8th.  Her name is Maeve Eleanor - of course she is in the will.   She looks like a little eskimo - so chubby - weighing in at 10 lbs.8 oz. We are fortunate. Thanks for sharing your good news too.
From Barbara Hird Grant
May 7, 2010
So glad you are doing well,Joe.

I am walking, and also getting up and down stairs, almost back to normal.  The other knee is doing the same. So I'm sure another surgery is coming; but I think I'll wait awhile.
(I can identify. Listen to your body. It will let you know when it's time to do something. - JM)

From Harley Anderson
May 6, 2010
Preston Crowell was a pretty nice guy.  His brothers, Eddie and Charlie were twins and the ones of poor reputation.  Preston died about 5 years age from cancer.  I knew his mother and another brother Leslie were fine church going folks and friends of my mother.  There was another brother and at least one sister, all of whom were of good reputation.  Preston was a speedy runner and good football player who went to the vocational program.  We first attended the Butler School in the early years where he was doing remedial work due an early illness. 

I know that he had at least on daughter and lived in Woburn.

(Thanks Harley, This refreshes my memory a bit. I believe I heard about Charlie being killed long ago. I had Preston confused with Charlie. I checked the Social Security Death Index and found:
Preston W. Crowell; born 18 Nov, 1934; died 15 Jun, 2000; Woburn, MA. - JM)

From Rod McElroy
May 6, 2010
Good to learn that you are on the mend – much to be preferred over any other outcome!  Just became a grandparent for the first time. Tuesday morning at 0126 Porter Kinney McElroy, (PKM – my dad’s initials) 8 pounds 12 ounces and 21.5 inches tall arrived.  All you classmates that are so far ahead of me – Wasby tells me he is already a great grandfather! – can revel in your head start.  A U.S. Navy shipmate told me that I  will discover quickly that it would have been smarter to have the grandkids first – more fun!  I’m excited. 
From Kathleen Hennessey Stohl
May 6, 2010
Preston was one of several brothers and two sisters. The sisters babysat me. The brothers came to steal apples from our backyard trees, and my father, who was shaving complete with soap, saw them. He took off after them and caught one of them, to their great surprise! They did not know that my father had been on a mile relay team that established a world's record, and had many medals from his competitions.

My brother is in the Boston area, and has kept up on the background of the group of boys, including the Crowells, who ended up in trouble. I will see if he has more details

From Ward Elliott
May 6, 2010

... I've mentioned   him, (Preston Crowell), a couple of times to my students in discussions of educational policy, wondered what became of him -- and then it occurred to me that there are still folks alive who might know.  Is there a delicate way of inquiring what became of him and whether he is still alive?

(I gave Ward what I heard years ago. Preston had died violently. Does anyone have further details? - JM)
From Joe Mazzei
April 22, 2010
Nancy and I want to send our thanks for your concerns and prayers re my recent medical situation(s).

To sum them up, the problems began with GI bleeding. When a CT Scan was done to determine what was causing that problem, an abdominal aortic aneurism was revealed. The first concern was to stop the bleeding; the next was to treat the aneurism. This was done using an endoscopic procedure. Rather than burden you all with the details, I'll just simply state that today's non-invasive surgical procedures, and the instruments to effect them are truly amazing.

The next step will be to re-visit the original situation, (a colonoscopy), to determine why the initial problem developed, and what may need to be done about it.

From Marion Schmitt Ellis
April 20, 2010
Hi Joe -- I'm afraid I also will add to the news to news of the sad variety -- I guess we know now what our parents meant about how hard it was (is) to lose people as we get older:

I heard from Nancy Johnson Stevens' widower, Bob, that Nancy's mother, Violet Johnson, passed away in March, a few days before her 100th birthday. She will be remembered by some in our class as one of the leaders of our Senior Girl Scout troop -- in which some of us were active all the way through high school.

She lived for years with Nancy's older sister Doris and only recently required extended care. She succumbed to a bad cold. She was a quiet lady but contributed a lot to the community in unsung ways.

Take care --
From Barbara Hird Grant
April 19, 2010
It has been 3 days since the surgery. Things are better, and there isn't as much pain.  STILL using a walker, and will see the MD for suture removal on Wednesday.

Sorry for lousy typing TRYING TO KEEP THE KNEE UP AND OUT STRAIGHT NOT EASY WHEN TRYING TO TYPE. (No problem Barbara. I did a little editing :-). So the "lousy typing" is transferred over to me - JM)

If any classmates have had arthropscopy would be interested to hear experiences (good or bad)

Hang in there,Joe

From Barbara Hird Grant
April 8, 2010
My knee is still being difficult. So now it is a go for athroscopic surgery next Friday ; recuperation time is 4-6 weeks.

I'lll let you know how it turns out.

(Note: I'm assuming that Barbara had the surgery this past Friday - 4/16. Barbara, let us know how you are doing).     

From Gerry Turner Cummings
April 7, 2010
I  just saw in the Globe that Helen Austin died she is 97 years old. She graduated from Belmont High in 1930  and taught at Belmont Jr. High School and retired in 1975.  Her picture is in the paper. 

She is being waked from Brown & Hickey Funeral Home 36 Trapelo Rd in Belmont, Thursday April 8  from 4pm to 8pm and her funeral mass will be at St. Ann's Church 124 Cochituate Rd Wayland on Friday April 9 at 10:30.  

Donations are to be sent to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, 1575 Cambridge St., Cambridge Ma 02138 or MSPCA as a tribute to her life.

Her obituary may be reached using the following link:
From Rob Yacubian
April 4, 2010

1.  Joe, you've been through the wringer.  Glad things are on the mend.
2.  I don't use Facebook---too much trouble for me---so if I don't respond, classmates will understand.
3.  Kathy H.S.:  your poor church all gone but it doesn't destroy the congregation.  Something will work out; you'll see.
4.  Tony Previte:  You're just down the road from me in Boca Raton and it hasn't been warm in Hillsboro either this winter---but better than up north here.  Have spent a month in Boca in Jan. & Mar. and had the heat on.
From Joe Mazzei
March 30, 2010
Perhaps some of you may be wondering why there were no updates recently. To make the long detailed story very short, I experienced GI bleeding beginning on March 18. We made a trip to the local ER, had X-rays and a CT scan. The bleeding stopped, and I was released.

But, I was told the CT scan indicated an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, (3.8 cm). The bleeding started again on March 20, and reached its peak on March 22. By the morning of the 22nd, I had lost so much blood, I passed out. This trip to the ER was in an ambulance. I went from the ER to ICU where I was given 12 units of blood, and 5 or 6 units of plasma. A nuclear scan revealed that the bleeding was from the area of the transverse colon. I was in the ICU for 5 days; then in a surgical unit for 3. For now, things are OK.

The priority has shifted from the colon problem to the aneurysm. I'm being referred to a vascular surgeon who will treat the aneurysm. Once recovered from that, I'll need another colonoscopy to determine the state of the diverticulae, and what needs to be done there. Also, a Hematologist is checking my blood to determine what the clotting factors are. I have been taken off of Coumadin. And it will be determined what may need to be done later.

So, we'll patiently wait to see what needs doing in each area. It's strange how things work out. The GI system has never been a problem before. And now it is. Your prayers will be most welcome.

From Kathleen Hennessey Stoll
March 23, 2010

At 6:00 AM this morning, I got a call telling me our Church was burning to the ground, after being struck by lightning presumably. Here are the pictures from this afternoon--it will all be torn down tonight. It was a beautiful place, with a wonderful organ and two choirs, and a wonderful diverse congregation. These pictures, 
Click Here were taken by the son of one of our closest friends. I don't know whether we should share them--I loved the Church and would like to share, but maybe it is too uncomfortable. We all like to share good news--. Anyway, that is my story this week. I am so very sad.
From Barbara Hird Grant
March 21, 2008
Have had computer fizzles but am now going to get a new one.  I hope.

Weather here just like yours, warm in high 60's and low 70's all week since the terrible rain  came.  I understand Belmont High got flooded out as Spy Pond over flowed and covered their parking places so school had to be called off.  Also the
same at Wellington-- the old high school area.

I had thought I might need arthroscopic surgery on my knee, but not yet.  Just heat, brace and go easy as it is arthritis ( am I that old?) and also some fluid on the knee with some loose cartilage.  I have fallen and hit it twice so I am not surprised.

I am copying my reunion booklet  x2  for Sarah Michunas and Dorothy Luke.   If there are any that are around not taken by anyone, I could use it to send to one of them.

Stay well and keep having those lovely walks together.  WIsh I had someone to do that with. 
From Kathleen Hennessey Stoll
March 14, 2010

Welcome home! We missed you. Cleveland had sun all last week--it was beautiful. And we had a orchid show at the Botanical Gardens and at the Rockefeller Greenhouse (now belongs to the City along with a wonderful park of nationality gardens). Two weeks ago we had a school snow day, and my daughter and her friends had to shovel out their drive way and the snow was so high, you could not see on-coming traffic when turning a corner or entering a road. Now we can actually take a walk outdoors without danger! My other daughter lives in Washington, and there the service roads for garbage were impassable for weeks--30 inches of snow and nowhere to put it! Unbelievable. Spring is coming!
From Our Facebook Page
March 14, 2010
Welcome to Harley Anderson!! He is the 21st classmate join our Facebook Group. So, check out the link below. It's becoming easier to do. And, you can post your own information any time, eliminating - me - the middle person .

From Bea Capraro Busa
March 2, 2010

Hi All,

Click on to and go to Carl Stevens remembers.  It's about Don Kent.   Grandson Paul called to tell us that Don Kent had passed away and I told Paul how I used to call Don to ask him the weather for our field trips.  He told Carl and Carl called me here in FL to interview me.  I can't believe how I sound on the radio. 

From Our Facebook Page
February 16 - March 6, 2010
Welcome Aboard to Rod McElroy, Kathleen Hennessy and Paul Catuna. We now have 20 Classmates who are members of our BHS54 Facebook Group. Go to: to access our page

From Eleanor Courier Chenevert
February 14, 2010

With all that you and Nancy do for those of us in the Class of '54, you have earned your vacation and none of us will be offended if you can't get updates to us until you get home.    You're going where it's a tad warmer than up here...(22 this morning
in Acton, Ma) just sit back, relax and enjoy your time.
Best Regards

From Barbara Hird Grant
February 14, 2020
Hey Joe
Enjoy your cruise and the warm Fla. air; they got bad weather I heard too, hope it is gone.  My girlfriend in Corona Ca.( near San Diego) says nights are down to 30.

WOW what a beautiful house and it looks like the snow scene we had in Leominster before Christmas.  Very pretty, but not appreciated by you I am sure.  I guess you can run but you can't hide from Ole Mother Nature. (Very true - JM)

From Our Facebook Page
February 14, 2010
We welcome Margo Johnson Hughes to our BHS-54 Facbook page. At the same time, let's thank: Charles Allen, Alan Carp, Marian Crafts, Gerry Cummings, David Desarno, Paul Formalarie, Nicole Gastone, Elaine Kasparian, Bob Kolouch, Sal Manfredi, Eric Markus, Janet McKee, Fred Merk, Betsy Phillips, and David Reynolds for being here.

There are 17 of us now. When anyone gets an opportunity, talk with a classmate about getting onto our Facebook page. Margo, let me know if I can provide instructions
to make it easier.

From Tony Previte
February 13, 2010
It certainly looks like Ma. mid winter. Oh how I hated those winters.

Now I am in Hillsboro Florida about six and half months of the year and missing all the dreadfull snow, ice and cold cold weather.

Its like paradise  being here and on the ocean. Nance and I just love it. Good to see your getting away on a cruise.  Have fun
(Tony, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only "thin blooded, stay warm dude" from MA) JM

From Marion Schmitt Ellis
February 13, 2010
Hey Joe -- just so you know, a few of us who stay up north do so because we LIKE winter, and we're bummed that you guys are getting all the snow.  Here in seacoast NH, I'm looking out at a few small "snow puddles" on an otherwise barren lawn.   At our age we should have learned that life isn't fair, but this is really too much.  You can send it up here!

From Anne Freeman Mayo
February 12, 2010
Thanks ... for posting that great picture, and thanks to Fred for engineering it all! What a beautiful group, and how poignant to see Ned in the front row. It makes me so glad that I went up to the reunion, and reminds me what a joy it was to see everybody.

From Janet Miller McKee
February 12, 2010

Dear Joe - that is such a great photo.  Thanks to all who made it possible.  And I'm already looking forward to the next reunion.  Only 3000 miles away from Seattle.
I'm still busy unpacking and Ian is missing all the work while he sits in Dublin waiting for action on his visa application.  He still needs those police reports.

From Mona McClellan Calthorpe
February 11, 2010
Hi Joe,  I am in Palmetto, Fl. which is the next town to Bradenton, Fl.  (supposedly warmer west coast) . I went out this a.m. & it was 48 degrees here.  I promptly put on my heat & "seat warmer " in my car.  This is the coldest winter since we have been in Florida (5 yrs.)  If any snowbirds are coming this way in Feb., bring your fleece/down jackets & you will be comfy!  We had a nasty frost in January & it wiped out all our Florida plants around the house except for my orchids which were under the carport!  I can't believe that in the Carolinas you  are expecting the four letter word "snow" in the next few days.  Our weather is wacky but at least we aren't shoveling it! (Mona, Although we've lived here for 5 years, we commuted between Greensboro to Southport, NC since 2001. This winter has been a 9 year cold weather record breaker for us. - JM)

From Janet Miller McKee
February 9, 2010
I'm trying to remember what books we read in elementary school.  I can only bring to mind Dick and Jane in 1st grade and Paddle to the Sea in 3rd grade.  Can any of our classmates remember any more?  I'm comparing our experiences with those of my grandchildren.

Janet, still in Seattle

From Joe Mazzei
February 8, 2010
I think it's time to start putting names with the faces in the group picture, (an index), from our 55th Reunion. As indicated below, it would be helpful to identify who is who, (although many of us haven't changed a bit, and are as beautiful, glamorous, or dazzling and handsome as we once were.) Yeah Right!!

From Harley Anderson
February 8, 1010
Hi Joe,
My wife and I had lunch yesterday with Al MacLeod and his wife Donna.  We talked about the reunion which we both missed and about all the work you are doing.  I forwarded this to him to get him into the loop.  Al is a great guy and volunteers full time as a manager with the Salvation Army. 

Has anyone put together an index as to who is who in the group picture?   
Thanks for everything.

From Joe Mazzei
February 1, 2010
Harley and Carole, congratulations on getting through the Chemo and Radiation. We wish you the best the rest of the way.

On another note, we have a 14 year old, (grand) nephew - Austin - in FL who has just started his battle with Ewing's Sarcoma. He has started a 30 week chemo treatment, and will have surgery once the tumor has reduced, and then radiation. If you care to track his progress, go to a neat web site - Caring Bridge -

From Harley Anderson
February 1, 2010
Thanks for the update Joe.  My wife, Carole, has completed her Chemotherapy and Radiation regimen for breast cancer and is recovering nicely.  Look forward to your next report.  

P.S.   Gail, what took you so long?   Now I can't even remember the movie.  I have so many wonderful memories from my years in Belmont schools.  Stay warm .  It has been below zero in Stockholm most of the month. (Maine)  My home town.

From Janet Miller McKee
January 25, 2010
Signing in From Seattle
Hello Joe and fellow classmates - writing from Seattle where it is nice and mild, albeit raining.  Going from one extreme to the other - very cold, like freezing, in Dublin and sitting out weather in Seattle.  Our container has arrived at our house in Seattle and I'm working on unpacking.  Problems though - in the cold snap earlier in Seattle a pipe burst in the house and there was severe water damage.  Repairs have yet to be completed.  Other major problem - husband Ian still doesn't have his visa and he is still in Dublin.

Facebook Inputs: January 23, 2010

Marian Midkiff Crafts Marian Midkiff Crafts Well that was easy, logging on to the class of 54 through Facebook and I didn't have to use my Facebook for Dummies!

Joe Mazzei

Joe Mazzei Thanks Marian. Facebook for Dummies? Tell us more about that. I'm sure I could use it. And, I imagine others may be interested.

From Bea Capraro Busa
January 16, 2009
Naples has been 32 for a week now and naturally our furnace went.  Had to be replaced.  Now we're snug. Actually wore shorts for golf today for the first time in almost two weeks.  Looking forward to spring.  Keep warm.

From Gail Perry Marshall
January 12, 2010
Hello from Marietta GA--at our daughter's -on our way to 3 months in VENICE FL. We  MAINERS, were trying to get away from the cold---

I too called Harris to update my info--and felt uneasy -as did Kathleen--however I did purchase a paper version after questioning the price.

Now, after reading your comments I called back -got a good rep who LISTENED  and I decided to have them bill me--not pre-pay.   There was no questioning at all.
Do think it will be a dandy book to have.

Ps--Harley , I remember sitting in the STRAND THEATRE with you and loving it????  I think the movie was 18 cents??

Remembering Ned

Carolyn Fantasia and I went to the funeral Mass.  Ned's son gave a very beautiful eulogy.  It had many interesting stories about Ned and his life.  One in particular caused a roar of laughter.  Ned's son is also a hockey referee and traveled to many places for this.  Ned would always be there.  In fact, that was the theme for his talk "He was always there" for everyone.  

Well, his son would get a room with double beds because he knew his Dad would eventually arrive and go to  the game to see him referee. His son once told his wife if she wanted to come she would have to get her own room.  Everyone roared!  He had many wonderful examples of the love and devotion Ned showed for his family.  His son ended his talk with a referee whistle.

Flora Silvagni Pennino, 1/8/10

I have fond memories of Ned from a young age, he used to hang around with Tom McBride and I was a tomboy in grammar school and used to play kickball and baseball on Edgemoor Rd. with them and a group from the Burbank. 

Ned and I used to have playful fistfights and remembering this I would say to Ned at the reunion meetings to be careful or I'll beat you up again and he used to laugh.

It was great to get to know him again at the reunion meetings and now in light of his death I am grateful for that experience.

Somehow I think I have not grasped his death completely yet.  I cannot explain this but I guess it will take some time to process.  We will sure miss him.

Flora Silvagni Pennino, 1/5/10

After reading the accolades for Ned from so many of his friends, many of them hockey fans, I am not surprised by the resulting turn-out--I only wish I could have been there, and frankly, I wish I had played hockey with Ned.

That of course is not my talent, although I am reminded that my two daughters were figure skaters, and the oldest was asked if she was willing to play women's hockey at Brown! I could not believe it! They were recruiting her for their hockey team! She was a good figure skater, but like Ned slight in stature, and no where near being a competitor in such a competitive sport.

But the point is that Ned really understood and loved the sport and the people in it. God bless him for that. And I am so glad that so many showed up to show their love and respect for him--I would have been there, if I were not 600 miles away enjoying snow for now five days.

Kathleen. Hennessey Stoll, 1/5/10

I went to Ned's Funeral Mass and it very nice and his son gave a 
beautiful tribute at the end.  I sat with Brenda DiGiovanni and her 
husband.  They were to go to Fllorida but it was cancelled and they 
are leaving tomorrow.  I have a program from the Mass and I will mail 
it to you .  It has his picture on the front.

Gerry Turner Cummings, 1/5/10
I've never seen anything like it! My entry into the long line outside was at 6:00. By 7:00 I was in the door and found that the entire funeral home was reserved for Ned. For the next hour the line snaked its way through various rooms and parlors and I was finally able to greet Carolyn, Liz and the rest of the family after 8:00. When leaving the building there were still people waiting outside. This must have gone on for several hours after closing time. During the long wait I had a chance to chat with a member of the Belmont School Committee who had wonderful things to say about 'our' Ned. Yes, he reached out and touched many   people's lives.
What a tribute!
What a life!!

Fred Merk, 1/5/10
One of my significant memories of Ned was when he was a sophomore on the Belmont High Hockey Team. I was the team manager then. It was a Friday night game at the Boston Garden.

Coach Bennett sent Ned out to skate with a line during the third period. I think it was the first time anyone other than someone from Belmont saw him play. He was always a good skater and stick handler. So, it didn't take long for Ned to get  noticed - small stature or not.

He was there to play hockey, and be competitive and do his best. This was the debut of someone special. He was so special that in his senior year he caught the eye of John "Snooks" Kelly - the hockey coach at Boston College. Ned went on to star at BC for four years after graduation from BHS.

Ned was able to prove that there is no such thing as "too small". I've heard an expression used to describe some athletes: "It isn't the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog." Ned had the desire to be the best he could be. Whatever he embraced, his desire and fairness caused those he met to get to know and like him that much more.

So long Ned, we'll see you a little later.

Joe Mazzei, 1/4/10

Ned played a very important role in our class, and I always knew I could count on him. He was not just a hockey player, he was a leader among people--quietly, but with strength. He was our witness at the fire that destroyed our high school. I will never forget that. We will miss him at our 75th reunion. But he was there with us at our 55th. I love him for who he was and what he has done for all of us. May God Bless his family and his friends and hockey players he has played with or nurtured. He lived a great life that made a big difference  to many people.God bless him.  We do.

Kathleen Hennessey Stoll, 1/1/10