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Welcome to our Chat Page. If you'd like to extend greetings to classmates "on line", or give us some news about yourself, here's the place to do it. Just send an email to  to get your message posted. Listed below are items shared up to now.
From Steve Wasby
December 12, 2009
Small world... I went from Eastham to Chatham for a memorial service, and met Alan Beardsley there. Alan is a cousin of the deceased's wife
Facebook Inputs
December 10, 2009
Sal Manfredi Sal Manfredi Joe, This is Sal Manfredi I'm with you. Good job. Have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Sal
Joe Mazzei
Joe Mazzei Hey Sal - Nice to hear from you. Hope you've been doing OK. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Gerry Cummings Gerry Cummings Hi, I am on face book. Joe you and your wife are doing a great job Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year.
Joe MazzeiJoe Mazzei Gerry, thanks for the kind words. Merry Christmas, and happy Holy-days to you, yours and all of our classmates. from Nancy and me.
Facebook Inputs
December 5, 2009

The following will give you a small example of what our Belmont High School, Class of '54 wall looks like. Those of you who are already on Facebook can go to your own Facebook page. In the "Search" block, (upper right),Type in Belmont. You will likely see the text Belmont High School, Class of '54 come up. Click on that; it will take you to our Facebook Group. Let me know if you are interested in being in this group.

It appears that you need to registered in Facebook to put information on our wall. Our group is set up as "private". This means before we can post or read the entries of our group members, they must be Facebook members. Then they are "invited and registered" into our group. Hopefully, this will keep the incursions we experienced recently from happening again.
Betsy Phillips Betsy Phillips I too am working on this project Hope this gets me a bit closer
Charles Allen Charles Allen Working on learning how this works, keep up the good work Joe, at least I can now log in.
From Andrea Kazanjian Pogarian
December 1, 2009
"Re Google Fiasco"

Thanks for policing an unpleasant situation -  I'm glad you caught it before it took on a life of it's own. It defintely does NOT reflect on you.  

Hope you and Nancy have a nice holiday -   

Incidentally, did you get the e-mail I sent you a while back identifying the two missing names on the Burbank grammar school archive photo?  The two boys next to Tom McBride are Francis Herron and Dickie Banks?  

Take care -

(Andrea,Thanks for the reminder. Francis and Dickie are now added to the Burbank photo - sent in by Louise Frizzel Ambrose on June 18. Our best to you, and all, for warm, safe and happy Holidays.  JM)

From Gerry (Turner) Cummings
November 23, 2009
...Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to all in the class  and their families.
A Thanksgiving Meditation
From Marion Schmitt Ellis
November 20, 2009
Hi Joe -- several people were interested in the meditation that was used at the reunion.  Since it was adapted from a Thanksgiving prayer, I thought maybe some might like it now.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us give thanks for the harvest bounty of people: 

          For generous friends, with smiles as cheerful as cherry blossoms;

For feisty friends as tart as Granny Smiths;


For persistent friends who, like scallions and cucumbers, keep reminding us that they are with us;


For crotchety friends, as sour as rhubarb and as indestructible;


For the handsome friends, as suave as eggplants and as elegant as a row of corn;

        and for the others, as plain as sweet potatoes and as good for us.


For friends as basic as cabbages,

       as subtle as summer squash,

       as persistent as parsley,

       as endless as zucchini,

       and who, like parsnips, can be counted on to see us through the winter.


For young friends, like pea tendrils, holding us, as we hold them.


For old friends, nodding like sunflowers in the evening-time.



We give thanks for friends now gone,

       like harvested gardens,

       who fed us in times past,

       and gave us more abundant life.

         Yes, let us give thanks for the bounty of people,

       and for the food for the body

       and the food for the soul

       set before us now.


Adapted from Max Coots, “A Harvest of People”

Belmont High School 1954 class reunion

October 2, 2009 

From Barbara Hird Grant
November 15, 2009
From Don Osborne
November 14, 2009
We just returned from an exciting trip to Iceland where we had a chance to walk over lava fields and climb glaciers. The scenery was spectacular and we had a chance to learn about geothermal energy.  Attached are a couple of glacier photos.
(Very nice shots!! We'll keep them here for awhile. Later, (when Fred has time), our photos on the Chat pages will be transferred to our BHS-54 Shutterfly albums.  JM)
P1030890.JPG (3223450 bytes)
P1030895.JPG (3992021 bytes)
From Kathleen Hennessey Stoll (re Elaine Garoyan Kasparian)
November 11, 2009

Elaine had her hip surgery today, and her husband called me to tell me the surgery went well. In addition to her recovery time in the hospital, she will have several weeks of rehabilitation in a "nursing home" environment--So now is the time to give her support. She has a good attitude about the rehabilitation process, and has been doing exercises at home in preparation. Elaine prepares for everything--our reunion or  a theatre presentation. She prepared for this event as well--Good Job Elaine.
From Janet Miller McKee
November 11, 2009
Update on our moving plans - our house is sold, the shippers are coming Friday and next Monday, we are moving across the street to 31 Ailesbury Grove while we wait for Ian's U.S. visa.  Ian is in the process of getting police checks from each of the 6 developing countries where we have lived.  Being in the employ of the United Nations does not seem to be sufficient evidence of good character.  If anyone has a direct line to President Obama, maybe they could put in a good word for us.
From Joe Mazzei
November 10, 2009
Between the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs in Anne's comments below, She had some very pleasant things to say about me and the web site.

If you didn't know by now, I'm one of those "aw shucks" people noted on the Reading Room page:

I'm not too bashful about sharing what I read. After all... it's just a matter of sitting there and enjoying another person's skill to weave words onto a page; and that woven pattern serves to keep one's concentration and peak one's curiosity.

One thing my dad said, (whom I lost way too early in life), "You need not speak about your works; your works will speak for you." I didn't think he was all that smart when I was seventeen. But, I lost him when I was eighteen. Today his wisdom remains to be a very impressive part of my life. Thanks Dad...

As I write this, we are beginning to get the rain bands from T.S. Ida. The rain should intensify later today and through tomorrow. I'll probably mow the lawn one more time this year once Ida's payload dries off.   :-)

From Anne Freeman Mayo
November 9, 2009
Dear Joe and Nancy,
Thanks for sending on the Merk grandbaby photos. That is the most beautiful baby ever, and you can tell them I said so! Also a beautiful grandmother.

By the way, my son-in-law's parents moved to New Bern (from Glens Falls NY) 4 or 5 years ago: Tom and Carolyn Curran. Tom is a retired lawyer, Carolyn is a potter. We adore their grandchildren (and they adore ours!). I can't believe that I haven't focused on your address before now...

...We are just back from a weekend in D.C., visiting my husband's 1958 college classmate, who canceled a N.C. fishing trip because of a threatened hurricane from the Gulf. Hope it misses you all.
From Elaine Garoyan Kasparian
November 8, 2009
Dear Joe,

Again thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of The Class of 1954.I would like you to post the names of our class members who have stepped forward to support our next reunion effort. We, as a committee, are grateful for the generous donations from our friends from the Class of 1954. A special thank you to: Fred Merk, Lee and Carol Tirrell and Don Osborne who have stepped forward to lead this effort.. I will be out of commission for a few weeks as I am having a hip replacement.Guess we will have dancing at the next reunion.

 Best wishes to all our good friends for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with friends and family. I wish everyone a  healthy, and happy holiday season.May this New Year bring us the promise of peace and goodwill that the world so desperately needs.  

All the best,
(Elaine - I know we all wish successful surgery for you, and the happiest of Holidays. But, let us hear from you as the post-operative recovery is happening. - JM)

From Fred Merk
November 1, 2009
Hi all,
 We have had quite a day with our Halloween Baby! Brady's first photograph was taken less than 5hrs after he was born. The next pictures were taken about an hour later with Letty, Laura, and Mary London (John's Mother). After about 10 hours he opened his eyes and became very alert. Brady looks a lot like John and perhaps a little like Winston Churchill. In the next picture 'Sir Winston' is grasping a finger of the photographer. Family members will realize that he is really "choking the 'snoot' of an Aardvark". In the last photo Brady has a gentle Mona Lisa smile. These are normal things for babies to do .....but at less than 1
day old.....this is truly remarkable.
(Congratulations grand parents!!! May it be that Brady grows in health and wisdom. - JM)
From Fred Merk
October 31, 2009
Hi all,
 This morning around 10:30 AM, Brady was delivered by C-section! He is 9Lbs 1 Oz and 21.5". So far all appears to be going well with Letty and son. He has "blondish" stripes of hair with hint of red. Brady is the first Halloween baby in the family. Hopefully before the end of the day a photograph will be sent.
   Fred&Laura....excited Grandparents in Atlanta
From Fred Merk
October 31, 2009

Hi everyone,
First of all, thanks to Joe for exchanging the original group photo on the homepage   with one that includes Carolyn Fantasia. The capabilities and magic of 'Photoshop' are wonderful!
There have been some recent additions to the BHS-54 Shutterfly Website. If you haven't visited lately.... click on this link:
During the past week Bob Watson and Elaine Kasparian  added a fine collection of pictures from the reunion (Album 12). Also recently added is a Shutterfly 'Photobook' which includes all the pictures taken by me on Oct 2. Read the 'Welcome' statement on the Home Page to learn more.  The website is now essentially complete. However if others of you at the reunion would still like to contribute more pictures.....please do. From time to time Joe will be offloading older photos from  BHS-54 to Album #5 on Shutterfly.

I appreciate your interest and positive comments. The Shutterfly Website has done well. Many of you have visited multiple times as there have been over 1,400 'hits' so far.

Laura and I have happy news. We are currently in Atlanta welcoming the arrival of our 5th grandchild....Brady Thomas London. He will be the first Halloween baby in our family.
Joe has informed us that he and Nancy are expecting their 5th grandchild next May.
From Carolyn Whitford Scott
October 23, 2009
I am just home from a beautiful day in Ogunquit and a wonderful reunion with Bev Gram Farrell and Marion Schmitt Ellis!
From Bob and Maryjayne Kolouch
October 18, 2009
We certainly have enjoyed all the e-mails over the years and appreciate your keeping us informed about classmates, etc.

We were so sorry we could not attend the 55th.  Had planned to, but circumstances changed and we could not be there.  However, Carolyn Scott has been kind enough to keep us informed on all the doings that day and letting us know how to get on Shutterfly..  Also Marion Ellis sent the address list, as well as Carolyn.  We are most grateful.  Would appreciate your putting Vienna, WV on the Weather Link, as we will be returning shortly to our home there.  Also next spring Enfield, ME, as that is where we spend the next 6 months. 

Thank you again for all you do.  Again wish we could have been there.  It would be great to have another reunion in 3 years, but realize it is a tremendous amount of work.  Sounds like the committee and you did a great job.

Since I spend more time on e-mails than Bob, this is from Maryjayne.

Thanks again and our best regards, 
(Maryjayne and Bob - Thanks for the kind words. I know the committee will appreciate them just as I do. Blessings... JM)
From Barbara Hird Grant
October 17, 2009
Just in case I did not say so before, BRAVO TO THE COMMITTEE. The reunion was great.
I think 3 yrs. (until the next one), makes more sense in terms of age and travel.
From Kaye Gordon
October 17, 2009

I do not know if you all remember me, my name is Kaye Gordon and was a graduate of BHS '54.  I was unable to attend the reunion as I was located too late.  I am now residing in Laughlin, NV and have been for the last 14 years.  I have not been back to Belmont since my mother passed in 1999.
I hope to hear from you and also will definitely attend the next reunion.  My E-mail add. is
Well Wishes to All. 
From Gail Perry Marshall
October, 17, 2009
Hi Joe, I would like to acknowledge all the classmates who worked to present such a dandy reunion!!! (you included)

I can only imagine the amount of time  preparing and then effort on the day itself  Elaine , you  are da' women!!! Fred  and your beloved-the photos are great!!

ps- of late-it is too cold in Maine --too early!!!!  beautiful foliage tho.

From Fred Merk
October 13, 2009
Hi All,
    For those of us fortunate enough to attend the 55th BHS-54 reunion, we had a fun time. The event was a great success! I certainly enjoyed working with the committee, maintaining spreadsheet lists of our classmates. To see photographic mementos of the event go to the Shutterfly website. Link is:

Albums 6-8  contain pictures taken by me on Oct 2 and 3. Earlier albums have photos from our 50th.  Album 5 (archival photos) will be updated from time to time by Joe who will transfer older photos from the BHS-54 Website. Album 10 is a contribution from Alan Beardsley "with more to come".
  I encourage others to upload their JPG images to the website.  Everyone can look at the pictures by simply clicking on the link. Then below the moving BHS banner find albums 1-10. Click on the cover picture or 'view album' to see the individual photos. Click on thumbnail size image to enlarge the picture. If you want to upload photos or order prints, you must first become a Shutterfly member and set up an account. If you do not have a copy of  'Navigating the BHS-54 Shutterfly Website' ask Joe or me to e-Mail a copy to you.
From Rod McElroy
October 12, 2009
I'll second the note from Steve.  It was a hoot having him on board for a few hours.  And it would have been more of a hoot to be at the 55th.  I mentioned my missing the 55th to my cousin.  She told me that she went to her 50th and that as a result of "reconnections" a few of her classmates get together a little more frequently than every five years.  As she called it - mini-reunions!  Not a bad idea. Cheers,
From Steve Wasby
October 12, 2009
I should have sent this earlier, as it was part of my double-Reunion weekend.

I left the BHS reunion because my college reunion (at Antioch) was the same weekend, and I had to fly to Ohio.

Roddy McElroy was unable to attend the BHS reunion because the high school crews he coaches were in a regatta (in Pittsburgh, where weather conditions on the river forced several races to be cancelled).  So I drove from the Dayton area to Toledo and Rod and I had a delightful two night/one day "reunion" of our own. That includes my watching his coaching of his high school crews, which means that I --who, despite living on Cape Cod, am not likely to be found on the water-- was on the safety launch in the middle of the Maumee River for three hours. It was FUN; his varsity eight is a joy to watch.

He extends his best to his BHS classmates and says he wishes he could have been at the Reunion.
From Faith McNeeley Hadala
September 28, 2009

So glad to see this web page!  I'm really excited about flying up from Tennessee to this reunion as it will be the first one for me! (I did make the first one at 7 yrs)

I have been living here in the Smokey Mountains for the past 10 yrs.  I followed my daughter down as she works for the park systems.  Very pretty around here except it's NOT N.E.!  I do manage to get up to Maine each summer so that helps.

I am recently married again, (4 yrs) and life has been good to me.  I have two grown children and 6 grandkids.  Actually none of them are kids any more.  My daughters 2 are in college.

I have been going over the yearbook to get familiar with who's who.  Hope I recognize SOMEONE!  Where has the time gone!

So, looking forward to seeing everyone.
From Marvin Zonis
September 24, 2009
Joe: I very much wish I could be with all our classmates for this 55th anniversary. As they say, it beats the alternatives. I am especially grateful to our classmates who put in the time to get this organized and to you who have done so much to "hold us together." Unfortunately, I must teach on both Fridays and Saturdays this Fall and cannot join with BHS '54.....Best wishes. 

(Marvin - Thanks for the kind words. You will be missed. But the quest for "knowledge" and those who provide it must prevail. To see more of what Marvin is doing these days, check out the following web sites: ; . See his daughters' web sites: ; . And also see: - JM)
From Grace Navarro Battaglino
(Via Marion Schmitt Ellis)
September 24, 2009

I just had a phone call from Grace Navarro Battaglino. Hers was among my first calls in the classmate search months ago.  At that time she was quite sad because she is dealing with her husband's severe Alzheimers and just doesn't get out.  But by the end of the call she was thinking that maybe someone else could be with him so she could come, and apparently the whole family (6 kids) was excited for her to attend, as was she.

Well, in this call she told me that her only unmarried son, age 49, who lived in an apartment over their garage and often kept her company, died in his sleep, an apparent heart attack, only two weeks ago.  Understandably, she is devastated.  Her remaining kids encourage her still to go to the reunion, and she was thinking she might, but this morning anyway she was feeling it is just too soon.  She is partly worried that she will "lose it" (my term, but it is what she meant) and cast a pall on such a happy event.  I reassured her that lots of us have had losses that would mean that we understand and no one would think less of her for it, but whether she is ready for it is a different question -- completely understandable if she is not.  So I left it with her that I would let people know, but if she decided at the last minute she wanted to come, many people would be very happy to see her.  She did not ask for a refund; she just wanted people to know that there is a reason if she does not show up.

Joe, I asked her if it is OK to let the class know (she herself does not have a computer) and she said yes.  I'd like us to include her mailing address for anyone who would like to send her a card; I'm sure phone calls would also be welcome:
466 Hosmer St., Marlborough MA 01752; 508 - 481-0995.
From John Keane
September 17, 2009

Happy news. I hope Margaret Rollins will be at the reunion. She used to make me chocolate frappes below the regular price, at Brigham's, near Oakley CC. $ .25 meant a lot in those days.

In fact, that was the price of the "hot" meal in the BHS cafeteria.    (Thursday was hot turkey-sandwich-with-gravy day.) !

(John is responding to an erroneous Memorial Page entry for Margaret. - JM)
From Sandy Coit Stephen
September 7, 2009
Hi Class of '54

What can I say?  I'll be going to see my Travel Agent to see if there is a possible flight to Boston around the 3rd.  If I don't make it,  many thanks to those who are working hard to organize the 55th and to Joe who through those e-mails kind of spurs us on to get there.  Life here across the border in the far North-West probably isn't too different from what is going on with the rest of you.  I mean Tuesdays I play golf
with a bunch of other elder-lies,  Wed. it is tennis , Thurs. we play Bridge, and Friday tennis.   But mostly I putter around my rather large but untidy garden.  (As we speak  I am boiling up apples.) I spend lots of time with my five children who all live close by, and eleven Grands, though five are now away at University.  Not forgetting that I am a member of a "Survivors " Dragon Boat Team.  This still leaves time for me to watch my beloved Bruins and try to keep the home fires burning. Then there is this "getting old business"  an inevitable pain but??><^%!! what can I say!  Hoping to see you all.
From Mona McClellan Calthorpe
September 7, 2009
...I am sorry I will not be able to attend the reunion - I am having Achille's tendon reconstruction next week (and I am not even an athlete!) so I will be non-weight bearing for about 6 weeks & then off to physical therapy for infinity.  I will not enjoy being "house-bound" but I have found a Roll-About scooter thing from a medical supply place that is right up my alley - I can be mobile & hopefully it will fit on my golf cart - then there will  be no stopping me!!!

Have a great time everyone at the reunion. (Thanks Mona. You will be missed. JM)

From Sal Manfredi
September 7, 2009
I just wanted to say that your doing a great job. I enjoy reading your emails when I get them. I wish that I was going to be there at the reunion, but do to my pulmonary condition I can not travel. Matter of fact I don't believe that I have much longer before it overcomes me. It seems to get tougher to breath every month. I think I told you that I am a victim of Agent Orange from the war in Viet Nam. But I would like very much to have the updates on the class of 54. So again keep up the good work... (Thanks much Sal. You hang in there my friend!! JM).
From Lorraine Crosby Chagnon
September 6, 2009

Hi Joe,  
I've been enjoying all the news and am looking forward to the reunion.  My husband, Jack, of 52 yrs. died on Easter Sunday.  I've been in a sort of fog but am looking forward to the land of the living.  Can't think of a better way to jump back in than with a High School reunion.  What a great job you're doing. Thanks so very much. See you Oct 2nd.
Kindest regards and sincere appreciation. (Thank you Lorraine - and hang in there. JM)
From Margo Johnson Hughes
September 6, 2009

Hi Joe,
Have been reading your e-mails and look forward to our reunion luncheon.  Sorry I haven't been in touch before but it has been a very difficult summer with the unexpected death of our son Chip on June 22nd.  He died the same day as my dear friend Midge.  I was with her the week before she died in Indiana and was able to talk and say goodbye.  Unfortunately that was not the case with my son.
I am in touch with Brenda and Carol and Nancy O'Malley.
 I look forward to seeing you all.
From Elaine Garoyan Kasparian
September 6, 2009
Hey everyone, we have 60 paid reservations and more to come!  We will be posting those who have paid reservations in the next week.  Since last August, your committee has been working hard to make our 55th a great success.  We have had a great deal of socializing, eating, joking and fun, but mostly WORK!  We've done the heavy lifting.  Now, we just need you to join the fun.  We are looking forward to seeing you.  If you can not join us, we'll be thinking of you.  If you have any thoughts or stories you wish share with your classmates, please email them to  Kathy Hennessy Stoll at or Joe Mazzei

An added attraction will be Breakfast Buffet with the Class of 1954 on Saturday, October 3rd at 9:30 AM at the Doubletree Hotel. The costs will range from $10- 12 dollars depending on your choice of food. If you wish to attend our extended reunion get together Breakfast, those attending the luncheon can sign up at the event or you can let  us know by emailing

On behalf of the committee, we send our love,  "Know that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream"  Kahlil Gibran. We are so fortunate that we will be able to share our  tomorrow together.

From Kathleen Hennessey Stoll
August 25, 2009
Nancy's suggestion of a news item to be shared with the class sounds great. It seems that photos are always of interest. Perhaps we can arrange a Bulletin Board or table for their display. I am going to put together at little outline for our Footprints discussion, and it will include introductions of those present and  news items from classmates unable to attend. Thanks, Nancy, for the suggestion.
(See posting from Nancy below dated August 23.)
From Kathleen Hennessey Stoll
August 25, 2009
In trying to reduce the amount of saved paper I have accumulated over the years, I found an article describing Mr. McCloskey's Speech Arts Class in 1953 from a Belmont Newspaper.  The following is a slightly modified version of the actual article:
"John Hanrahan was emcee. Elaine Garoyan read a proclamation by Governor Herter. Ann Hazen told that 36% of Belmont's taxes goes toward the support of the schools and the average cost of keeping one pupil in school was $410! (the ! was in the article.) Kathy Hennessy stressed how we should get the most for our money--after all our parents are paying for an education, we should enjoy it! Homework is not the only thing connected with school, there are sports and a social life through clubs and activities. Ellen Clark closed by saying we cannot repay the townspeople in actual money, but in terms of good citizenship. We should carry into life all the teachings we learn in school--let's all try to do our best to apply to life what we are taught! "

From what I have heard in recent years from our classmates, I would say that the townspeople made a good investment--what do you think?

(I think Kathleen's comment and question is meant for all of us, I think our class has made significant "Footprints in the Sands of Time", and - I hope - has gifted back to society far more than that which was invested in us. - JM)
From Barbara Hird Grant
August 25, 2009

I am no art expert, but I think I know beauty when I see it and Nancy's paintings are truly beautiful and breathtaking. Please convey my congratulations to her...
From Mona McClellan Calthorpe
August 24, 2009
..., just clicked on the web site for Nancy Kriebel's paintings and all I can say is WOW - they are spectacular,  My husband also paints in oils as a hobby so I really appreciate her talent!!!!
(Nancy K. - looks like you're generating a new fan club. Well... at least 3 of us.   JM)
Go to:; then type in Kriebel to get to Nancy's beautiful art.
From Nancy O'Neil Eckstein
August 23, 2009

Hi Marion,  So nice to hear from you!  Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the reunion in October.   It's true... that at the time I was first contacted by Elaine Garoyan about the "55th", I was definitely interested and excited to think I might be able to attend.  My daughter, Meghan and her husband live in Newton with my 5 month old granddaughter and it sounded like a perfect time for a visit.  She was here in Cincinnati in July.

However, earlier this summer, a friend of ours from Maine (Mary was a St. Elizabeth's nursing school classmate) and her husband invited us to join them in a time-share in Killarney... leaving Sept 18th and returning Oct. 4th.   We accepted and are now planning our long over-due 40th anniversary trip to Ireland. 

Why is it that with all the weekends we have nothing to do.... something called a "conflict" comes along to put a damper on things!  Life happens!

If it is OK... I'm thinking about sending a little "news item" and perhaps a picture or two... out to the committee for Kathleen Hennessy to share with the group.  Let me know if she could squeeze that in.

Again, it is with regret that I must turn this one down.  I hope you can continue your "gentle prodding" with our classmates and schedule another get-together in a year or two.  Don't wait 5 years.... much too long!  Have a wonderful day and give my best regards to everyone!

(Hi Nancy - Your email to Marion was too nice not to share. I like the thought about not waiting 5 years. I mentioned to someone a while back, "At my age, I don't consider making long term investments, nor buying green bananas." This fits in with not limiting ourselves to 5 year bytes. Have a great trip. You will be missed. - JM)
From Janet Miller McKee
August 20, 2009
I've just been looking at Nancy Kriebel's paintings.  Very impressive.  I hope Nancy tells us more about her activities since we all left BHS.
(I also went to the web site to see her paintings, ((noted below)), "impressive" indeed...  To view them, click on the link in the box below.  JM)
From Nancy Kriebel
August 17, 2009
Hi Joe and Everyone,
I've just gone through some "old" files and found my Kendall School teachers listed with all the art work I did (thanks to my mother's organization)
They were:
1st grade Miss Sweetzer
2nd grade Miss Rose
3rd grade Miss Clark
4th grade Mrs Prentice
5th grade MIss Dyer
6th grade Miss Weeks
It's fun to see the pictures and all your names which are etched into my memory forever I guess. Marion Schmitt found me on the internet in Santa Fe, NM. I have a short bio and images of the paintings I make now at the Museum of New Mexico web site:,  wall art , type in Kriebel

I'll write more about what I've been doing all these years.
(Thanks Nancy! It's great to hear  from you after all these years. It looks like we shared several Kendall classes - JM)
From Janet Miller McKee
August 15, 2009
Dear Joe - after numerous phone calls and emails my yearbook has been delivered to my sister Ruth in Milford New Hampshire.  Very kind of Mary Ann to go out of her way to do that.  And for her efforts, she got bitten by Ruth's heretofore friendly dog.  What bad luck.  I hope all is well and that the nip on Mary Ann's wrist is healing nicely.  Everyone feels badly about that but probably Mary Ann most of all. 

I had a great time travelling around New England last week - New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and Boston.  I talked on the phone with Gail Perry Marshall - it was good to hear her voice.  I hope we can meet up next time.  My sisters and I had lunch at the Sun 'N Surf in York, probably quite near Gail, but we didn't know in advance that we were going to stop there.  Maybe I'll do another trip to New England in October and make it to the Reunion and also pick up my yearbook.  I wish the Reunion was a weekend "do" but I can understand that that probably wouldn't suit enough people.

Meanwhile, back in Dublin, the packing and the lawn bowling continue.  I got back just in time for an important match.  Our team of 4 (a rinks) won our semi-final match and then the final - big news - we are the Ladies Rinks Champions of the Republic of Ireland.  We go up North near the end of the month to play the Northern Ireland winners - that will be the All Ireland final.  I'm attaching a picture of our team - I'm on the left (as you look at the picture).

the team.jpg (92195 bytes)

From Rob Yacubian
August 10, 2009
Kendall School first grade.  If it wasn't Miss McLennan it was McLennon.   Sorry, Mona, it was close to your name but maybe not the same spelling. I know that was my first grade teacher with Miss Reynolds in the second grade, Miss Clark the third, Mrs. Prentice the fourth, Mr. Emery the fifth, and Miss Weeks the sixth.

My mother was very fond of Chester A. Robinson.  In fact, she used him to guide me to a post graduate year at Tabor Academy (where Richard "Dick" Nelson went, too).   It turns out that Mr. Robinson's brother was the postmaster of the Marion, MA post office and looked just like him.  In fact, Mr. Robinson may have been from that area originally.
From Mona McClellan Calthorpe
August 9, 2009
I cannot believe that I cannot remember the teachers from grades 1-3!  I am beginning to think we had 2 teachers for each grade as I absolutely know 1st grade was not a Ms. McClellan.. McLellan being my maiden name, of course, it would stick forever in my memory bank & my father would have invited her home to meet the rest of the "clan".  I do remember Ms. Sawyer as my kindergarten teacher and also Mr. Robinson was the principal.  He lived right near me on the corner of Slade St. & Upland Rd.  I also remember him being a very stern person - nothing like the principals of today. 
From Anne Hazen Bowen
August 6, 2009
I think I emailed you that I thought it was Miss McClellan.  I know it wasn't McElroy.  To be sure I was a grade behind at that point as I skipped third grade so wasn't part of THE class until 4h grade.  Thank you for all your work--it really is fun!  
(Thanks Anne, Are there any other "Kendall Kids" out there who can help solve this 1st grade mystery?)
From Rod McElroy
August 6, 2009
A Ms. McElroy at Kendall School?  First I have heard of it.  There was a Peter McElroy who went to Burbank (where I went).  He was in the class of '55 at BHS if memory serves me.  I don't recall that he had a sibling or relative of the female persuasion. No doubt another McElroy family in Belmont - no relation to my family.  Interesting!

Well, here we go again :-). We had some discussions last May re a Ms Mc??? at  Kendall School. Back on  May 5 & 6, Rob thought his 1st grade teacher was a McClellan. Mona says, "No way". But, now Stan has checked in remembering Ms. McElroy
. Now that I think back to those "wonder" years, maybe I did hear of a McElroy before Rod came along at BJHS. Any past Kendall 1st graders around who can ID Ms. Mc???) - JM
From Gail Perry Marshall
August 5, 2009
Good news department---Janet Miller will soon get her YEARBOOK back!!!  Maryann Houston Hermance. class of '55 and good friend of Deb Norris whose brother Dick Class of '52 (who found the book in his attic??? no one knows how or why) will get it to Janet or Janet's sister who lives in Milford N.H.   Complicated but FUN!!!!
From Stan Brown
August 5, 2009
....On the subject of the teacher's names at J. S. Kendall School, here is how I remember them.  I didn't go to kindergarten, I started in 1st grade with Ms. McElroy.   2nd grade was Miss Rose.  I'm not sure about 3rd grade but it might have been Mrs. Coates.  4th grade was Mrs. Prentice, 5th Mr. Emery, and 6th Miss Capron.   I think we're going to have a terrific time on October 2nd and I look forward to seeing everyone. 
July 24, 2009

Dear classmates and friends. Yesterday evening, I received an email from Gail Perry Marshall. Read the chain of events that followed very shortly after our web site was involved:
23JUL09, 7:25PM
Hi Joe, Please advise me how to pursue this "phone call"?. Last night I received a call from Debbie Norris----- and Maryann  Houston Hermance class of 55--(Mary ann & I have been friends for  years ) Debbie was visiting her in Scituate. ma.  Deb lives in OHIO/
Apparently Debbie "s brother Dick Norris ( class of????)  who lives    in Conway N.H found   a 1954 yearbook  in his home (somewhere)   which  was  signed (inside) as  belonging to JANET MILLER.  He was  dumbfounded as was his sister Debbie--as to how he had this yearbook??? Should we put this out on our web page or should I contact Janet???   
I cannot remember where Janet is --but we (you ) do hear from her??????
A mystery among us,
23JUL09, 8:56PM
Gail and Janet
, It's probably best that I have you contact each other re the uncovering of a
+/- 55 year old mystery.
Janet, I know you are planning to move to WA state, and are in the process of trying to sell the home in Dublin. I haven't had any emails, that were sent to you, come back as undeliverable. So, here's hoping you get this one. Please reply to Gail at gdm33@........
I'd like to know how this all works out. It will make for interesting news to all of us, should you want to share it. Regards,
24JUL09, 3:05AM
- I will contact Gail soonest.  What a find!  When my mother sold our house in Belmont, I was in Nairobi Kenya and was not able to attend the clear-out of our attic etc.  My sisters took a lot of things but so far as I knew my yearbook and some other personal items like a scrapbook were not among them.  I was really sorry that my yearbook disappeared.  Now it has resurfaced - well, that is a miracle and I would certainly like to have it.
I am going to be in Milford New Hampshire next week visiting my sister (Ruth
class of '43).  Maybe I can make contact and claim my yearbook.  Thanks so
much for your message.
24JUL09, 3:16AM
Hello Gail - what a surprise to find Joe's email in my letter box this morning.  I'm still in Dublin packing to get ready for the move to Seattle - should happen late in August.  In the meantime I am flying over to the East Coast next Friday July 31st for a week to visit family in New England.  First stop will be my sister Ruth in Milford New Hampshire.  Then we hope to go over to Kittery and Ogunquit for a few days.  If I remember correctly you are in York so you'll be nearby if not on vacation elsewhere.  I can picture you from our 50th reunion - I recognized you immediately - same tilt of your head and the same facial expression, body language.
What class was Dick Norris in?  North Conway isn't all that far from Milford - Ruth and I could travel up there to get the yearbook if Dick is willing to part with it.
(Incidentally, my sister Ruth and Janet Brooks, Barbara's sister, were good friends.) Solving this mystery is rather fun to say the least.
From Kathleen Hennesey Stoll
July 15, 2009
Robert and his work at Greenfield and the Smith program for advanced students from other colleges has brought to Smith some outstanding scholars, some of whom have worked with me on a manuscript of my Grandmother's letters (Class of 1897) and related information, and their work was terrific. These advanced students are known as Ada Comstock Scholars, many of them referred by Robert. although I did not know it at the time I was working with them.
From Nicole Huss Gastone
July 15, 2009
I am delighted to hear about Rob's award and would like you to forward my congratulations to him. I have not yet replied for the 55th, although Marion Ellis knows that I intend to come.

I am in Pakistan for three weeks having a glorious time and planning to go up to Hunza Valley and the Himalayas in the coming days, so my contribution will have to wait until I return to Paris.
All my best

(Nicole, We are looking forward to seeing you in October. JM)
From Rod McElroy
July 15, 2009

Fantastic news about Yacubian.  Nice to know that BHS cultivated another giant!! 
From Gerry Turner Cummings
July 15, 2009
I just got great news my son John D. Cummings. Jr just passed his boards and now he is Dr. John D. Cummings PhD.  He goes to U Mass in Amherst Ma.  He majored in low temperture physics and he got a job in  Wilmington Ma.  I am a very happy & proud  Mom.
From Barbara Hird Grant
June 28, 2009
Midge was certainly an amazing person, as I know she had to bring up her kids without a dad when she lost her husband very early.  She and I went to Simmons together.  I am certain she did a wonderful job working with and teaching others.   My condolences to her family and her many admirers in the Class of 54.  I hope her daughter lets them know at Simmons.
From Fred Merk
June 25, 2009
....As keeper of the class lists it was very difficult for me to remove Midge's name. Yes...she was a favorite. What's incredible is that her name was on our reunion 'yes' list. In spite of her illness she wanted to be with us!
From Harley Anderson
June 25, 2009
Thank you for the information.  She was one of my favorites.  May God give comfort to the family.
Midge Sutherland Keller

This is Deb, Midge's youngest daughter.  Thank you for your e-mail.  I'm sorry to tell you that Midge died on Monday evening.  I'm hoping you can forward this to Joe to let your classmates know.

Her obituary can be found at:

(Deb, Your mom was a very special lady to all of us who knew her in those special "home town" school years. Her obituary, and your desire to let us know of her death speaks miles for the imprint she left on you and her peers from elementary school and on through her life. Please take note of the comment in the box above. Joe M.)
From Eric Markus
June 25, 2009

What a joy it is to open my computer in the morning and see the notes & chat page.

The comments and pictures push the daily list of to-do stuff way back for a few minutes and gives time to enjoy memories.  Thank you....enjoy the day.

Our oldest son Freddy, who lives in Miami is 50 today....remarkable.

From Rod McElroy
June 25, 2009
I think the two "mystery men" standing side by side (right smack in the middle of the second row) in the Burbank photo - second grade are James Herron and Dicky Sands.  I have no idea how I dredged that up, but that is what the memory cell generated.
From Brian Caputo
June 22, 2009
Harley's ID of Richard Hubbell was interesting. Dick besides being an excellent goalie hockey was an all around good athlete. He went to Harvard. We were classmates at the start of Boston University's MBA Program in 1966, but after the core year we elected different paths. I believe Dick graduated in 1968. It took me three years (69').
From Paul Lucy
June 21, 2009
...Thanks for sharing the Chenery School photo and to Lloyd Morton for his input. I'm reminded of how many of my kindergarten classmates became leaders of our HS class. If I list them I'll miss someone; but a brief look at our Year Book will serve as illustration. It has been fun reading/seeing the inputs from our classmates. I had pretty much lost touch with most things Belmont due to an overdose of corporate relocations;
[ Ct.; IN; NJ; Puerto Rico; Canada; NYC;]  I did marry a Belmont girl [ Marion Sullivan ] and we celebrated our 45th anniversary this past June 6th.

Our three children and their families are scattered from MA. to DC but we're happily routed in the Portsmouth,NH/Kittery Point,ME area [ across the harbor]. Anyone in the area is more than welcome to stop by. I hope to the make the 55th. Sorry I missed the 50th; no fault of Brian Caputo who left a telephone message which I misplaced until it was too late...
From Harley Anderson
June 18, 2009
The questions in the pictures are of Richard Hubbell who left Belmont HS and studied at private school in N.H.  He was a great hockey goalie and married Carolyn Hamilton. 
From Louise Frizell Ambrose
June 18, 2009
H i Joe,
Here is a picture from   Mary Lee Burbank School from second grade, Miss Coffin's class and 2 pictures form Belmont High at Lory Kadehijian's  house (I think). Can you post them on the blog /epage?

In the first picture .
Louise Elementary.jpg (1000429 bytes)

front row  left to right Carol Geggis, Robert Wolf, Tooky Ingles, Louise Frizzell, Janet Bucit, David Reynolds & Carolyn Sage

2nd row  John O'Toole, Thomas McBride, Francis Herron, Dickie Banks,  Lowell McElroy, John Bellantoni, John Rowen

3rd row  John Copeland, Leon Wilson, Sheila O'Donohue, Irene Ross(I think), Chester Bruce
High school group picture.jpg (433580 bytes)
2nd picture   across front   Maritza Hekimian, Lori Kadehijian, Louise Frizzell, Calvin Walker  next row   Peggy Denaro, Jean Aikenhead, Gail Knight
next row  Barbara Cobe, Andrea Kazanjian,  Robert Yacubian, Betty Doane,Nancy O,Neil    in the corner, John Maloney,  Dixie McCarthy, Charles Walker, ?, Carolyn Hamilton ,   ?

 High School 2.jpg (891385 bytes)3rd picture  Peggy Denaro, Calvin Walker
L>R Gail Knight, Margaret Peters?, Betty Doane, Gail Perry Maritza Hekimian
Barbara Cobe, Robert Yacubian, Louise Frizzell, Nancy O'Neil
?,  Dixie McCarthy, Alan Maloney, Jean Aikenhead (hidden)
Andrea Kazanjian, Carolyn Hamilton  ?   

Also wanted everyone to know I am truly enjoying all the information from fellow classmates and looking at all the old pictures.  Belmont was certainly a wonderful place to have spent our "growing up years" !!!!!   I was so saddened to hear of the death of both Betty Doane and Lory Kadehijian.   Both such good friends in high school.  We lost touch but did have an opportunity to remember "old times" at our 50th . 

  Just to bring things up to date   I graduated from Framingham State College, spent a year teaching in El Paso, Texas, for the Lay Aposolate  a pre  Peace Corps program.  I then returned to teach in Belmont at the Payson Park School 4th grade.  Married, and moved to Ashland,Ma .  where I raised three children.  I  taught at the Kindergarten level  for several years, and then  I became a Title 1 tutor..  My husband was diagnosed with  chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis  32 years ago .  We moved to Plymouth 10 years ago to a handicapped accessible home we designed ourselves, and have been enjoying being near the water and close to our daughter and grandchildren.

From Lloyd Morton
June 15, 2009

My recollection of the Chenery kindergarten picture is as follows:
Back Row - L to R;  John Lanigan, Kenneth Miner, Calvin Walker, Helen Hildebrand, Lloyd Morton, unknown, John Payonzack, Lee Tirrell.
Middle Row - L to R;  Mary Dulac, Carol Simpson, John Donnelly, Paul Lucy, unknown, unknown, Harold Drew, Marion Schmitt, Susan Parsons.
Front Row - L to R;  unknown, Allen Rousseau, possibly a Jean Mack?,  Betsy Jason, Margo Johnson, Brenda McAuliffe, Muriel Sutherland, Jane Rooney, John Rooney, Leslie Williamson.

There are a few people I think were in the class that are missing from the picture.  Carolyn Whitford is certainly one of them.  Her long history of truancy evidently started at an early age.  I'm certainly open to additions and corrections.

From Susan Parsons Cramer
June 12, 2009

I enjoyed the Chenery kindergarten picture.  I think I may be the last one on the left in the second row, but I'm not absolutely certain.
From Ellie Noone O'Connell
June 11, 2009

... By the way, we have  7 children, 23 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild.   I am not sure if I mentioned this before.
From Carolyn Whitford Scott
June 11, 2009

I can't believe Lloyd identified so many Chenery Kindergarteners. I couldn't! How about a list, Lloyd?
From Lloyd Morton
June 8, 2009
I'm glad you people found me.  ... webpage is fantastic.  Extremely interesting.  I'm sending along a photo of our Kindergarten class at Chenery School.  As I told Marion, there's about a half dozen that I can't identify.  The teacher was Miss Wellington.

Perhaps I'll see you at the reunion in the fall.

Chenery.bmp (1836278 bytes)

Chenery Kindergarten

From Carolyn Hamilton Hubbell
June 4, 2009

This is my first e-mail to the chat and I have the same pictures of  the Kendall School classes. I am the blond in the 2nd row in 1944 and also in the 2nd row next to Bob Galvin in the 1947 picture.

Where have all the years gone, I still feel young until I look in the mirror!
(Reminds me of a saying a friend uses: "I was alright; but I got over it." -- JM)
From Janet Miller McKee
June 3, 2009
Hello Joe - we're doing fine.  Someone (the first person in 3 weeks) is coming to view the house this morning.  What a flurry to tidy things up!!!  All is going well in our plans to move.  We now have our Medicare A and B cards and are contemplating additional medical insurance.  We have daunting brochures from a couple of agents in Seattle for Medicare and Medigap.  I feel that we should get Medicare D for prescriptions or would those be covered by the additional or supplementary insurance?  Any suggestions or recommendations?  I have yet to plow through all the bumpf.

I have a free week in my bowling schedule so I am going to Seattle for 10 days leaving here June 15.  James and Susan, the Seattle parents, sound pretty exhausted with the new baby - Ethan now 7 weeks old.  I hope I can be a help and not a hindrance.  I'll be pretty exhausted myself after the long flight!  I plan to practice my driving skills on the U.S. side of the road.  I love taking the older girls, Ashley almost 7 and Caitlin 5, to school.  I can walk the 2 blocks with Ashley but for Caitlin I have to drive the 2-3 miles.

My email address remains the same for the time being.  Maybe in Seattle I'll investigate getting a new one.  James is a computer whiz and could do it easily I'm sure.

(Marion and I were comparing notes as were working on locating some of you. We both were concerned because we thought Janet was going to WA for the birth of their latest grandson. Also, she and Ian are going through the trauma of relocating to the states. Perhaps we can offer some advice re the Medicare concerns. -- JM)

From Stu Downer
June 2, 2009
(Stu contacted me about some Kendall School photos his sister found at their mother's home. They are dated 1941, 1944, and 1947. Stu, thanks so much for sharing them. It looks like you and I are teamed up in two of them. You are the handsome one! The shot from `44 has me thinking, "And then, 10 years later..." OK, Kendal kids, let's start naming names. - JM)

1941C.jpg (160790 bytes)


1944[C.jpg (209598 bytes)


1947C.jpg (238807 bytes)


From Rod McElroy
May 26, 2009

Joe, Here's a shot of the St. John's Jesuit High School Lightweight-4 right after it won a bronze medal at the Scholastic Rowing Association of America national championships in Princeton, NJ, last Saturday.  Cheers,

Rod 2009 Crew Bronze.jpg (4098656 bytes)

From Harley Anderson
May 25, 2009
 If any of you are in the Arlington area, please stop by at Sweet Sue's at 795 Mass Ave for a cup of good coffee.  My daughter, Susan worked for/with me for 17 years as a lawyer. She decided after I retired in 2002 to open a Bakery Cafe and pursue her own dreams.  I volunteer down there Mon-Wed-Fri  from 10 to 3.   I love the atmosphere and baking.  
From Marian Midkiff Crafts
May 22, 2009
Gail Perry gets a gold star for answering all the names correctly.  Believe it or not I told my husband that the first name of the girl in the middle began with an   L and her last name was Armenian.  I just couldn’t remember her name.   I had left my 54 Blueprint in Phoenix.  I sent my dad down to our condo and he mailed the annual to me.  It arrived today and I picked her out right away.  I remember calling her Loretta. And Robert Yacubian is now Rob but Calvin is just Calvin.
From Barbara Hird Grant
May 20, 2009

Thanks to Steve for the compliment about my longterm memory.  I wish my short term was as good.  I do not remember what I watched last week on TV but I guess we all have that to some degree. Doctors tell me that fibormyalgia, heart surgery and many meds ( and I had Fentyl last week for an UGI) can cause long term memory loss. I have or have had all of these things

And thank you Steve for the comment about the heflump (believe it or not that was the Class of 58 at Simmons mascot). We had our 50th last year as I am sure many of you did at various colleges around the country.

Glad to see so many classmates logging on.  And the pics are great.  I believe the ones I took to the 50th and were posted on the site brought back memories of Scouts,etc.  I also remember that Phil Martin's mom directed the Payson Park Churrch choir and Janet Miller's mom, Sarah(Sally) Strangman's mom and Nancy Peterson's mom helped with Brownies and Girl Scouts at the Payson Park. Of course, I was lucky that I have so MANY pictures and my brother Ken was always at the events and took pics which I got to have.
Gail Perry Marshall
Andrea Kazanjian Pogarian
May 19, 2009
(Responding to Marian's Photo)
It is Lory Kadejian with Betty----. In the beach pic it is Rob Yacubian and Calvin Walker.
Andrea: The two 'unknown gentlemen' to whom Marian Crafts referred   to are to the best of my eyesight and knowledge Robert Yacubian and Calvin Walker and I think the gal in the background of the three women may be Margaret Rollins.
From Steve Wasby
May 19, 2009
Barbara Hird Grant has a heffalump of a memory (even if our long-term memory stays with us longer). There is NO way I could add to that list -- it's great.
From Anne Freeman Mayo
May 18, 2009
Greetings to all.

I have enjoyed browsing through Joe's most excellent website, even if I didn't share an elementary school teacher with anyone except Susan Bliss and Sandy Coit. I loved the junior high photos of you all, also.

Marion Schmitt was right, I had mentioned that I would be happy to put together a 50-years-later yearbook along the lines of the 25th anniversary one ---- but new technology makes keeping in touch much more interesting, saves on postage, and allows people to send all those photos of us from 55 years ago or from today. In fact, I attach a 1953 slide of Sue and me on Mt Chocorua (with my mother, my sister and her friend).

Let me add my thanks to the group that is organizing the reunion. I look forward to seeing everybody in October.

chocorua.jpg (360364 bytes)

From Marian Midkiff Crafts
May 16, 2009

We are back in Washington and sure enough an hour after we arrived our granddaughters knocked at the door.  Spoiling grandchildren is one of life’s great joys.

Before leaving Phoenix, I was going through old pictures and correspondence and came across these two pictures. The first one Betty Doane (Bjork) sent me. To make a long story short, we were freshman together at Tufts, my family moved to Washington and I transferred to U of Idaho. 

Anyway, Betty sent me this picture.  Needless to say, Betty is on the left, Margaret Rollins is in back, Gail Knight is on the right, but I am embarrassed to say I can’t remember the name of the girl in the middle.  Her face is so familiar.  Does anyone know who she is?

As for the other picture, the girl is another Tufts student but do you all know who the two gentlemen are? I do. 

Mpic2_0001.jpg (307575 bytes)

Mpic2_0002.jpg (141172 bytes) 

From Barbara Hird Grant
May 16, 2009

I have a challenge to the Payson Parkers, especially Janet M. and Steve W.  Before I get to it, tho, thank you Janet for mentioning Dom DiMaggio.  Like many of our era I did get to the Red Sox games and saw him play with Ted W. in left field too.  I remember going to one game and it was the first one after Ted came back from Korea where he piloted a marine plane I believe.

Now here is the challenge:  How many classmates who graduated from Payson Park in l954 that went through most of the elementary grades with us.  I count several who left for other either private or parochial schools and then rejoined us in the JR. or Sr. year.  I believe those would include: Jack Flynn, Kevin Sheehy, Jean McLean.

I also can list the following as being at the P.P. for most of their school time:   Sally S., Nancy O'Neil, J. Miller,  Nancy Peterson, Steve Wasby, Al McLeod, Al
Beardsley,  Pee Wee Martin,  Bob Oliver, Ron LeBLanc, Evelyn Erickson, Barbara Oxner, Earl Plummer. Richard Rolls, Nancy Toye, Don Mullins, Brian Caputo. Billy Donohue, 2 of our star basketball players at BHS--Swede Nelson and Dixie
McCarthy, Tom Murnane, Bob Bragoli, Bob Picarello, and Bob Kivlehan.If I left anybody out, then Please add on just for fun.
From Harley Anderson
May 15, 2009
I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures that have been attached.  I made the 8th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 35th re-unions, but missed the 50th.    I do look forward to attending the 55th re-union and catching up with a lot of older friends. 

Have there been any reply's from the Daniel Butler School crowd? 
From Nicole Huss Gastone
May 14, 2009
I have been in touch with Marion and hope to be able to make it in October.   But I have not yet planned the rest of my trip which should then include Washington, New York and Connecticut.  Another trip to look forward to.
(We sure hope you can make it. - JM)
From Janet Miller McKee
May 14, 2009
Hello Joe - There was an article about Dom DiMaggio in the Irish Times this morning.  Dom died last Friday at age 92.  People living in the U.S. have probably read all about it but this was news to me.  Mentioned in the article was David Halberstam's 2003 book The Teammates, an account of the "annual get-togethers of DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, and Johnny Pesky, all then in their 80's, still sharing a bond forged on the field of play over half a century earlier".  Very familiar names!  Maybe we in the Class of 1954 now share a bond forged over, in some cases, almost 70 years ago - bonds that were initiated possibly by our parents who were friends.  I'm thinking particularly of Nancy Peterson, Sally Strangman, Barbara Hird, Stephen Wasby.
Best wishes    Janet

(Janet - Yes, it was in the news. But the reference to Halberstam's book got by me - if it was noted in any article I read. I like your reflections on the bond we share. In looking back, isn't it interesting that this bond was made, in some cases, in just one year, In other cases over a span of six to twelve years. - JM)
From Anne Hazen Bowen
May 12, 2009
Hi!  I too remember a Miss McClellan.  I also remember a Miss (Mrs.?)   Sweetzer (spelling on that is highly questionable!).  Meanwhile I had signed up for a trip that would mean my missing the reunion in October. But I have decided (lovely economy isn't it?) to cancel that and any  plans I make will be worked around October 2! 

No news to report from  my quarter.  For those of you who remember my brother Nathan (BHS '52)  you may be interested that I just returned from celebrating his 75th  birthday up in Greenland NH where he lives.  (Hi Anne - You might want to take a look at Rob Y's and Mona C's comments re kindergarten at Kendall. JM)
From Janet Miller McKee
May 12, 2009
Nice to hear from Louise about Leona.  Leona and Gail Sullivan (Class of '53?) and I used to meet up on the way to BHS.  We were good friends at the time, but lost contact after graduation.
May 12, 2009
From Barbara Hird Grant
Hi   all,
Just wanted to put my two cents worth in re the Payson Park teachers. I know Steve Wasby and Janet Miller have both mentioned them.

There were 2 kindergartens and I had Miss Fitton and the other one was Mrs. Hurd
lst grade: I had Miss Bennett and I do not know the other
2nd grade: Mrs. Smith   ? other one
3rd grade: I had Miss Sawyer   Miss Nemeroski ? Mrs.
4th: Mrs Goode who had been Miss McAuliffee before she married. Helen Rolfe was the other 4th grade teacher
5th: Miss Marcella McGrath who came from Vermont where I visited her one summer. She lived near St. Johnsbury and was
married couple of years after we left and moved back there to live.
Other 5th grade ??
6th grade: Miss Hall   and the other one was Mrs. Bixby

The principal was also a Miss Hall which may have been confusing to some

Come on you "other" kindergarten thru 6-----Fill in the blanks.

My best to all.  Glad Janet is coming back to the U.S.A
To Nancy Eckstein:  Sorry you will miss the 55th, but I am sure what you will be doing is very important.
May 11, 2009
From Rob Yacubian
Maybe the first grade teacher's name was McLennon instead of McClellan.
Mona, does that sound more reasonable?
2nd grade was Miss Reynolds
3rd grade was Miss Clark
4th grade was Mrs. Prentice
5th grade was Mr. Emery
6th grade was Miss Weeks
May 11, 2009
From Louise Frizzell Ambrose
I am having fun seeing the old photos      and reading about some of the old gang.--Andrea Kazanjian-Gail Perry- Robert Yacubian  etc.

In the 50th renunion photo #56 is Leona  Marinacci  Poirier  -  She and I attended Framingham State College  and we became very good friends.    We still get together on occasion down here in Plymouth .         
May 8, 2009
From Janet Miller McKee
After much thought, my husband Ian and I have decided to move from Dublin to Seattle in order to be nearer to family and friends on your side of the Atlantic.  Our house here in Dublin is now up for sale and we are in the throes of cleaning and clearing and packing.  We hope to move sometime in July.  I am very excited about returning to the States to live.  I left the States in 1966 and we have been based here in Dublin for over 40 years.

The names of the teachers that I remember in Payson Park School were: Kindergarten - Miss Fitten and Mrs. Hurd
First Grade - Miss Bennett and _________
Second Grade - Miss Smith and  Miss Rolfe
Third Grade - Miss Sawyer and ________
Fourth Grade - Miss McAuliffe who married and became Mrs. Goode and _______
Fifth Grade - Miss McGrath and ________
Sixth Grade - Miss Hall and __________

(Janet - Thanks for the input. After so many years abroad, I think we can recognize the mixed emotions you and Ian wrestled with as you made this decision, and now prepare to leave. Peace... JM)
May 8, 2009
From Gerry Turner Cummings

I am Geraldine (Turner) Cummings better known as Gerry, email address is, and am still living in Belmont MA.  I make jewelry and Christmas ornaments and my web site is
If you would like to look at some of my work click in. I also do alterations, shorting slacks for men and women,  jacket sleeves, dresses and skirts.  You can get me on my email address.

I have one son John who is finishing his thesis for his PHD in low temperature Physics at U Mass in Amherst Ma.  I see Carolyn Bunyon once in a while. Thanks

(Gerry, Thanks for the input. I checked your web site, nice work. Congratulations to you and your son - - JM)
May 8, 2009
From Nancy O'Neil Eckstein

Just browsing through the BHS '54 web site; although I should be packing for my trip to Boston next week.  I will be in the Newton area visiting my new granddaughter and her mother, of course!  I'm excited to get out of Cincinnati for a couple of weeks... I love spring time in Massachusetts!!

One comment/correction... I am the "lady in red" in the 50th Reunion group pictures (photo #4).  Nancy O'Neil "with one L" Eckstein.  Although I am flattered, as always, to be confused with Nancy O'Neill O'Malley who I had a chance to chat with at our 50th.  Hmmm...maybe I better change that... "with whom I had a chance to chat"... for the benefit of our English teachers!  It was great seeing her again...and meeting her husband. I also see Lori Kadehjian in that picture.  She was my longest BFF and I miss her dearly!

Nancy O'Malley: If you should see brother Dick (BHS "58) has been working on our family tree.  Our grandfather, James P. O'Neill (yes...two L's) was the family member who dropped the "L".  Maybe we are related after all!

I had planned to be at the 55th, however, we are planning a trip to Ireland in mid-September.  Right now it looks as if I will be landing in JFK on October 2nd!  Hope all is going well with the plans. Maybe it could become an annual event?  

PS.  Does anyone remember the names of teachers at Payson Park School?

(Nancy, Thanks for the "heads up"!! Your extra "L" is deleted; and your Nancy O'Neil Eckstein identity is restored. Sorry to hear that you might not be at the 55th. JM)  
May 6, 2009
From Mona McLellan Calthorpe
Sorry, there was no way there was  a teacher by that name in Kendall School - It would have been imprinted in my brain forever.  Maybe she was a substitute teacher.
(Hopefully, all of us "Kendall Kids" can get together at the 55th and sort this out :-)  J.M.)
May 5, 2009
From Rob Yacubian
Re Gail Perry Marshall's request for Kendall 1st grade teachers, mine was Miss McClellan.
May 4, 2009
From Marian Midkiff Crafts

I just want to send you a short note; since we are in the middle of packing to return to our home in Washington.   We are now in Arizona where we spend the winter....   Janet Miller McKee found me on facebook and told me about the "home page" of the class of 54... and I have been having a ball reading and looking at pictures. I will be there, (WA) by Saturday.  I'll send  you a note after that,   although I don't know how soon .  Our 5 year old identical twin granddaughters will be there from Seattle before we get unpacked. Great  home page
April 13, 2009
From Gail Perry Marshall
Hello there,
A mini reunion took place in Southwest Florida.  I met Margo Johnson Hughes (who lives in ENGLEWOOD ,Fl) at CURVES (well neither of us recognized each other until I asked her where she grew up???)

This actually took place in 2008--and we had a reunion with she and Carol Simpson ,who was staying in Venice -Midge Sutherland (who was visiting Carol)  Nancy O'neil who lives in Naples and Marie Spadaro Rooney in Ft Myers (who was unable to make it that day) and Andrea Kazanjian Pogarian who winters in Venice (as I do). 

We had a dandy time and so again this year we met in Englewood and Venice and were joined by Carolyn Fantasia and Jean Aikenhead (who were visiting Andrea.) Such stories and memories!!! After 3 dandy months--- I must return to the real world in YORK, MAINE.

P.S.  does anyone from KENDALL SCHOOL remember 1st grade teachers(--
Marie & I can name all but 1st grade?????
January 29, 2009
From Barbara Hird Grant
(More accolades for Mrs. Hornsey - JM)
She (Mrs. Hornsey) was the best teacher I ever had and well prepared me for college. And when I ran into her in Cushing Square years later, she remembered me by row and seat, and what class I was in. Extraordinary lady.
(Suffice it to say, "They surely don't make them that way anymore - JM)
January 27, 2009
From Rob Yacubian
(Note: Rob is responding to the storm related question I asked on 12/28/08. It appears that he has some words for us, and Marge - JM)

Marge Whiting Ahlin:
For the past 10 years I have been spending 2 weeks, during Jan, Feb, & Mar with my sister in Dorado Beach, about 17 miles west of San Juan with my older sister Gloria ( your sister Paula ?? a little older?) and just returned today from my first stint to a major snow storm.  But, I'm returning again on Feb. 10.  Not familiar where Arroyo is.   Marge, I have fond memories of Kendall School days---and even up through high school with you;  Remember, your mother called me Zaggy instead of Yucky?

I was left stranded between Boston and Albuquerque and delayed reaching my niece's by 24 hrs. because of a storm in Boston.  Spent time sleeping in the Boston and Atlanta airports...........a first in all my travel years.

(Another Note: From my corporate travel experiences, I learned to avoid any flights  via Atlanta. It seemed, If someone sneezes while on the ramp there, that's sufficient reason for probable delays. If other moisture occurs, beyond sneezing, flights are definitely delayed. I don't like a via Toronto option either - JM)
January 26, 2009
From Kathleen Hennessey Stoll
Carolyn Fantasia just sent me a note, and it reminded me of the discussion we had at our 50th reunion--which apparently they want to repeat in some form. We all told of different experiences, and what teacher had had the most influence on our lives. Ms. Hornsby was at the top of the list, as I remember, and everyone had a story about how she had helped them and urged them to do more with their talent. Last year, I was cleaning up some old paperwork, and I found minutes of one of her classes, which I transcribed. I am attaching them now, thinking that it would be good for the website, and an example of what a good and thorough teacher she was.
(NOTE: Kathleen's notes are printed below this Chat table:)
January 11, 2009
New Year greetings to all of you (y'all in NC). Our first comment of 2009 comes from John Keane. It's great to hear from him. Let's hear from more of y'all. JM
January 11, 2009
From John Keane
Hi Joe and 54 classmates, I unfortunately missed the last reunion due to a business/ hurricane situation in Florida. Brian Caputo had been nice enough to contact me ahead about the reunion, but then I couldn't get there. Hopefully our next one will work out well. It has been interesting reading about various classmates'  recent experiences on your web site.

Here's a quick summary on me since 1954. After college, joined Marine Corps, then worked in sales and marketing for fifteen years before starting and managing my own business in medical record management systems for hospitals, with a specialty for cancer centers nationally, and which I sold to a competitor in 2005, stayed on as a consultant for two years, then fully retired in late 2007.

Wife, three children, four grandchildren.... all local thankfully. Very fortunate. Have been taking watercolor painting classes for three years at Danforth Museum in Framingham ...where we live. Does anyone else paint? Love to hear.

Also doing the usual retiree things like golf, gym,hiking,skating, family things, and those "classics" that I faked my way through in Miss McGee's and Mrs. Hornsey's classes . God love their patience !

Best wishes to my 1954 classmates, and hope to see you all in the fall!


 Mrs. Hornsby’s period one class extended from 8:43 to 9:30 and was primarily discussion.
The secretary’s report was read and accepted. We then discussed five sentences on the Board.
Grammatically there were correct, but verbose and redundant.
The class was given a motto to apply—Say it clearly, say it briefly, and say it once.  

Mr. Bloom continued the discussion on “the Prisoner Chillon.” We concluded that this
poem was not realistic and not to be taken completely accepted in rational thought due
to the improbabilities. One of these improbable occurrences was the arrival of the bird
as a symbol of hope in the dark cell . The result or theme of the poem was the survivor’s
faith in God  and his gratefulness for all things—big and small.

Spiritual loneliness brought this about, because the human mind must have hope, love,
and faith for this security to remain. In discussing the characters, we decided that all
three had a love  of freedom and courage to stand for their convictions.

The reasoning behind each was different. The older brother was active physically and
mentally, fought the restraints of society. Rather than adapt to society—or in this case
imprisonment, he died dejected and beaten.

We had considerable discussion of the actual validity of his death under the conditions
described in the poem.

The younger brother was a quiet, sympathetic young man. He accepted life and everything
it brought, by trying to make the best of it for himself. He was full of love for everyone and
everything. His health broke and he died, his only regret being that he could not share his
peace with his brothers. About the oldest, we know only that he found refuge in God   and
live to find new freedom and new life.

 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner again was on the theme of faith in God and love of his
creations.  Mrs. Hornsby discussed this poem with us and her first question, “why the
wedding guest was chosen to bear this tale. We decided that the contrast of the tale
to the guest’s anticipation of the wedding’s merriments emphasized the tale and its
importance. The mariner felt an inner compulsion to tell the story and relive his guilt, but
he also wanted to teach others what he had learned by bitter experience.

 The albatross itself is a large bird and its real significance was found in the fact that it
was the only living thing they could see, except fish, and therefore they identified it with good luck.  

The actual shooting of the bird seems unexplainable—the only possibilities even mentioned
were the thrill, challenge of the crew or insanity. All of these seemed improbable.

The mystical experiences he then went through were as punishment for this act.
We noted the description of the board with Death and Life in Death and their
dice game. We gave several living examples of life in death—meaning although
physically handicapped, one can live to one’s full capacity and make the most of
what one has, or give up. It is up to the person to decide from himself.  

The whole purpose of the poem is expressed in the lines:

“He prayeth well, who loveth well

Both man and bird and beast.

He prayeth best, who loveth best

All things great and small;

For the dear God who loveth us,

He made and loveth all.”

Thus the importance of the death of the albatross was that he had killed another
living thing. His curse fell off when he blessed all God’s creatures.

Notice in the style of writing, the use of assonance” This hermit good lives in that wood.

Notice also the correction in the famous saying as found in this poem
“Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.”

 Essays that were rewritten were collected at the end of the period.